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Starting a Support Group

Bylaws – A Sample from HEIR
HEIR wished to organize into a non-profit but not tax-exempt homeschool association. To do this, they needed bylaws. Local support groups only need bylaws if they wish non-profit status for purchases.

Forming a Homeschool Support Group
Shared thoughts about some or all of these parts of putting together a support group in order to benefit many of our fellow homeschoolers.

Home education support groups
If you’re just feeling that your children ‘ought’ to be socialising a bit more, or that the children they meet already aren’t very pleasant, you’re likely to be disappointed. Home educated children may not suffer the peer pressure and other stresses of school, but they are basically normal children.

The Leader’s Manual
A Guide For Christian Home School Support Groups. “Me, a support group leader? Help!” Here’s practical help for leading a support group.

This email list from the National Home Education Network is for those people seeking to start homeschool support groups in their area. The list hopes to provide encouragement, advice, and support to those working hard to foster connections between homeschoolers via support networks.

They say that organizing homeschoolers is like herding cats.

Starting a Homeschool Support Group
By Holly Furgason. Why should we even bother with homeschool support groups? I found there are several benefits.

Starting a New Support Group
You may find, however, that there is no group in your area. As you (and any interested parents you may know) consider forming a group, you may want to consider several questions. From Illinois HOUSE.

The Story of Two Desparate, Burned Out, Homeschool Moms
I dare you to start a two mom co-op… and still be a two mom co-op after 4 months. Even if you want to contain it, I think it would be a hard thing to do. You’d have to guard your mouth all the time to keep it a secret… but then the kids would spill the beans. By Robyn Bray.