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Free Social Project Management Tools

Organize homeschooling activities with your homeschool friends and family online with the hottest new social project management tools that are widely available: Project Management Applications! Some have free trial offers, and then a price after the trial period is over. Most have “advanced” features you must pay for. Some of these apps will sync with mobile devices. If you need that capability, but sure to check features.

  • Coordinate with a large number of people in your support group about which will be the best day to get together for a field trip, a sports day or class.
  • Association leader could organize dozens of people for a conference this season.
  • Editors of a homeschool newsletter, magazine or website could have a group To Do list and shared file space.
  • An advisor for an umbrella school could have a way to help make a community of your homeschool families.
  • Homeschool product vendors could track contacts and bookmark those sites linked to your site.
  • Stay-at-home parents could coordinate activities with their at-work spouse or ex-spouse, grandparents, and other sources of support.

A2Z Excel Planner/Tracker
An A2Z Resource
Download the template mentioned in this feature. It is a 209K file named hsplanner.xls that will run on Mac, Unix, Linux, and Windows with any xls-compatible spreadsheet application already installed. Print plans by week.
* Calendar * Bookmarks * Photos

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Asana. Starting a team is really that simple. Works on mobile devices, too.
* Project Management * Agile * Task Management * Reporting * Work Tracking * Team Communication * Organization * Workflow Management * Team Collaboration * To-do List * Calendar

Brown Bear Free Internet Calendars
Designed for you homeschool site webmasters who want to integrate interactive calendars with their websites. Site members may add events to the calendar if you wish. While Calendars Net also hosts personal calendars, it is uniquely valuable to webmasters.
* Basic calendar

Community Zero
An interactive website that allows a group of people to communicate and exchange information over the Internet in their own private and secure area. Within each area, called an online community, participants are provided access to a suite of powerful tools that enable a group to effectively get organized, share knowledge and communicate.
* Email * Private calendar * Bookmarks * Chat * Polls * Files * Photos

Contact Virtual Office
Internet access to personal and/or shared tools: calendar, address book, documents, notes, tasks, forums, meetings, bookmarks, webmail and much more. Syncs with handheld organizers and pocket PCs. Receive your agenda on your cell phone.
* Social Networking * Group Collaboration * Content Publishing * Personal Publishing * Feedback * Multiple Admins * Cloud Software

A free app and website that helps you manage the chaos of family life. Works with Apple devices and Androids.
* Calendar * Shopping list * To Do lists

Your own “Virtual Cork Board” where you can post messages, photos and links online in seconds. With an eBoard you can quickly and easily make information accessible to others on your own private place online. eBoard is perfect for anyone who would like to put information online but doesn’t have the need for a web site. You can use eBoard as a personal homepage, a “home base” for your support group online: a private place to share messages and photos with your group.

Create your own news and topical pages. Announce events on your calendar. Moderate your own discussion group. Now the largest social network online.
* News * Events * Friends * Mail * Photos and Videos

G Suite Marketplace
Put your social network to use to securely get work done. Attach Google Docs to tasks, projects and events. Add project information to shared Google Calendars. Gadget for collaborative task management in Google Sites.
* Calendar * Contacts * Documents * Mail * Spreadsheets * User Provisioning

Its user-centric design means all controls, pages, content and interactions can be personalized to the permissions and preferences of each user. In doing so, Sixent not only encourages user content creation from the very first login, but it also promotes sharing, collaboration and sustained use.
* Webmail * Address Book * Events * News * File Library * Forums * Bookmarks

Whatever work means for you, Slack brings all the pieces and people you need together so you can actually get things done.
* Channels * Direct Messages * Calls * Drag, drop, and share your files

Seems ideal for you online homeschool vendors. Keep in email contact with your customer list online. Bookmark those sites that keep you listed. The Notepad feature is a searchable ToDo list or anything else you want to keep as an online database. Calendar schedule is also searchable. This is not a group package, however, and you can’t synchronize the material with your personal computer.
* Email * Reminders * Address Book * ToDo List

Basecamp offers message boards, to-do lists, simple scheduling, collaborative writing, and file sharing. Campfire brings simple group chat to the business setting. personal information managers. Backpack’s simple take on pages, notes, to-dos, and cellphone/email-based reminders is a novel idea in a product category that suffers from status-quo-itis. Writeboard lets you write, share, revise, and compare text solo or with others. Ta-da List keeps all your to-do lists together and organized online.
* Email * Calendar * To Do Lists * Bookmarks * Chat * Collorative Files * Reminders

The most complete communication website I’ve come across yet! One of its best features is a free 800 number and inexpensive call-forwarding service. This would be ideal for homeschool support counselors who don’t want to mix their personal and support lives, but who need to have a number published in print or online. A support group could have one number, and change who the calls got forwarded to from time to time.
* Voicemail * Faxes * Email * Paging * ICQ * Reminders * Address Book * Calendar * To-do List * File Storage

Offers a fully featured group calendar that can be public or privately shared. Reminders can be sent to you in several ways, including email and mobile devices. Combine calendars with friends and relatives. Easily allows you to schedule repeating events. Keep a ToDo list that can be checked off when done. Handy for a group working together on a project long distance. Synchronization works with Mozilla Lightning/Sunbird, Live/Google Calendar, and Apple’s iCal.
* Email * Reminders * Address Book * ToDo List * Synchronization

by Facebook. Connect your whole organization with familiar tools, helping everyone in your business turn ideas into action. Live Video lets you broadcast to your whole business from the camera in your pocket.
* Secure * Live Video * Multigroups Possible * News Feed * Messaging * Automate Tasks * File Sharing * Search * Mobile

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