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Cottage Schools and Resource Centers

Mini-schools are springing up among homeschoolers all over the world.

Starting Up

For Teachers Who Want to Tutor
You want to break out of public schools. How do you enter the homeschool market?

Homeschool CPA
Helping Homeschool organizations obtain non-profit status.  Carol Topp has several articles about managing growing groups, mission statements, budgeting, by laws, applying for 501c3 tax exempt status, etc. As a homeschooling mother and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) she is blending her skills, education and experience to help other homeschoolers manage their organizations.


School is optional: Ken Danford at TEDxAmherstCollege. NorthStar and self-directed learning.

Recommendations for Starting a Homeschool Coop
Does anyone know of a book or any online resources to help start a homeschool cooperative? Also, for those who have already started a coop, or maybe just attend one, what recommendations would you have for first-timers trying to get this thing off the ground?

Creating Learning Communities: Freeing Education to create a sustainable Co-operative Society
These learning centres are cooperatively organised by the member families they serve with parents pooling their talents, resources and expertise. By Anna Jahns, Kindred Magazine.

How Democratic Schools Operate
A democratic school, as the term is used on this site, is a school where students are trusted to take responsibility for their own lives and learning, and for the school community. At such a school, students choose their own activities and associate with whom they please. If courses are offered, students are always free to take them or not.

Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget (Perspective in Gifted Homeschooling) (Volume 9)
by Jade Rivera, Sarah J Wilson (Editor)
Gifted and twice-exceptional students often struggle to fit in traditional classrooms, and homeschooling isn’t always an option. Enter Micro-Schools: an educational option bridging the gap. Micro-schools offer personalized learning in a school setting led by instructors who understand the nuances and needs of gifted and 2e kids. Starting your own micro-school may seem daunting, but a successful micro-school doesn’t require a huge budget or the latest “everything.” Instead, it requires a passionate individual at the helm. One like Jade Rivera, author of “Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget.” In her latest book, Jade shares her successes and challenges working in and starting micro-schools. She discusses how to organize your school, hire the best instructors, work with parents, create an open and accepting environment, and so much more. After reading Jade’s book, you’ll be inspired to get your own micro-school up and running, ready to serve the gifted and 2e students in your community.

Mom Schools: The Biggest Trend in American Education Since Home Schooling
Mom Schools are where a mom sees that her kids need something, so she sets it up, offers it, and invites others.

Tuesday School
Oregon. Ann Lahrson-Fisher describes two model cottage schools or expanded homeschool programs that could be duplicated by parents interested in having a little “dame school” in their home.

Examples of Cottage Schools and Resource Centers by State


Abacus Educational Services
Traditional and online classes for homeschoolers and homeschooling parents. Classes offered in Monrovia, CA and Online. All major core subjects are covered, including English through college entrance level and math through calculus.

Bakersfield Region Home Educators’ Resource Center
California. Christian resource center offering classes and educational resources on a scheduled or drop-in basis.

Baywood Learning Centers
BLC’s Hybrid Homeschooling model operates both as an educational support structure and sorely needed social community for gifted students. We are currently focusing our geographical attention on areas in and near Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, but we also have Community partners in San Leandro, San Francisco, San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Big Minds Unschool
Pinole. Our focus is on socio-emotional development that supports both cognitive and creative growth. Students and teachers are continually engaged in a passionate, reciprocal learning process. Our academic work is inquiry-based, dynamic, and follows student interests.

Discovery Learning Center
Our intention is to enhance home-based education for children in pre-K to 5th grade and inspire self-directed, lifelong learning in now in Scotts Valley.

Green Valley Christian Home Education Program
Offers support to families homeschooling through Green Valley Christian School in Watsonville, California. Educating your children at home is not a job for the faint of heart, but it might just be the most rewarding job you’ve ever had. With the Lord’s guidance, we are here to help.

Los Gatos Enrichment Center
Founded as a cooperative effort of local homeschooling parents. These parents recognized the need for a centralized place for high-quality enrichment classes and community-building opportunities.

Play Mountain Place
Los Angeles. A humanistic educational environment that is developmentally appropriate for each age group. Our curriculum is organic, child-initiated, and primarily experiential. A child’s inherent desire to learn is acknowledged and facilitated, not forced or squelched.

San Diego Homeschool Resource Center
We are a non profit group of homeschoolers in San Diego. We offer a free monthly e-zine and we are building an online catalogue of teachers, tutors, clubs and classes in the San Diego area. We want to open a facility with a lending library and space for all homeschoolers to share and learn together.


Pine River Community Learning Center
The Family Education Resources program works directly with homeschooling families to provide support and resources that can help children excel in their primary and secondary education, especially by offering classes and group activities to supplement individual curriculum. Based out of Ignacio and Bayfield, CO.


Pulse Education
Maitland in Central Florida. Homeschool classes. Private tutoring, homework help, and FLVS assistance. Field trips for all. Social events. Pulse Education is a new resource for Central Florida homeschoolers.

Sunshine Learning Center
Classes are now being offered in the areas of math, science, and PSAT/SAT prep specifically for the homeschool community in Margate and Davie, Florida.


Homeschool Enrichment in the Arts
Located in Kennesaw, Cobb County, GA. The mission of HEArts is to offer quality instruction in subjects challenging to teach at home with competent, professional teachers in a Christ-centered environment, thereby affirming parents in their God-given roles and responsibilities.

Homeschoolers Hangout
A curriculum bookstore and activity center in Alpharetta, GA, owned and operated by a local homeschooling family.


The One Room Schoolhouse
Louisville, Kentucky. Classes for home schooled youth (ages 9-12). For adults, class offerings include creative writing, Shakespeare, poetry, and local history. Parents will find The One Room Schoolhouse a great site for field trip opportunities and a consignment connection for teaching materials and resources.


Home School Cottage
Slidell, Broussard, and Baton Rouge, LA. We have a consignment bookstore for your used homeschool curriculum and other educational materials, as well as co-op classes, workshops, and high school assistance.


Milford Montessori Educational Center
Assists homeschooling families with the education of their children. Offers classes and tutoring for pre-kindergarteners through seniors in high school.

North Star, Self-directed Learning for Teens
Hadley, MA. North Star students leave school. They embark upon non-compulsory, community-based, self-directed learning programs that include a variety of activities.


Baltimore Homeschool Community Center
A diverse and vibrant community of students, parents, teachers, and friends who are changing the face of homeschooling. We’re not affiliated with any one homeschool group, but open to members of all homeschool groups.


Home Educators for Excellence
We are a group of home educators of all faiths, beliefs, and theories who want a non-judgmental and accepting environment in which our children receive high quality, challenging classes taught by experts.

Planet Homeschool
A secular coop, is a vibrant and welcoming learning community for homeschooling families with students ages 10 through high school. We offer a wide selection of courses led by teachers who are passionate about their craft and actively engaged in their field. Grace Center for Community Life, 1500 6th Street NE, Minneapolis.


The Albany Free School
Albany, NY. Truth be told, we are a community far more than a school – a safe, nurturing, open space where daily fifty-five kids ages two through fourteen, eight full-time teachers, a cook, a steady stream of interns, volunteers and visitors, as well as myriad goats, chickens, rabbits, pet rats, lizards and goldfish work, play, learn and eat together.

St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church at North Ridge Homeschool Resource Center
This volunteer-driven, staff-supported educational program is designed to stay flexible and adaptable in providing resources and opportunities.


Princeton Learning Cooperative
Princeton NJ. Supports teens to live and learn without school. We serve both longtime homeschoolers as well as teens who choose to leave school (and thus become homeschoolers).

South Mountain Co-op
School governance is collaborative and participatory; each member of the community, regardless of age or role, has an equal say in the consensus decision-making process and running of the school. Located in Montclair, NJ.


The Village Home Education Resource Center
Beaverton, OR. Designed and managed by homeschooling families as a private alternative education program, our resource center enhances and supports home-based education through tuition-free courses, field trips, and experiential learning opportunities, community meeting space, library and material loans, and access to technology.


Gracewood Academy
Grapevine, TX. A Tuesday/Thursday private part-time Christian School that provides a small-group learning environment that supports a student’s home-centered education. Gracewood Academy’s core subjects are History, Science, Language Arts and Math. We also incorporate Art and Music into each week. Our class content and efforts are Christ-Centered.

The Joule School
Round Rock. We are a nontraditional private school/co-op hybrid offering part-time school enrollment near Austin. You can enroll your child part-time in order to take advantage of our exceptional programs, such as accelerated math, science, debate, and our trademarked dragon-themed Latin courses.


The North Branch School
Since 2001, Birdsey has led, taught, championed the little school that could–The North Branch School–in the mountainous enclave of Ripton, Vermont. “Some teachers expect students to sit quietly. Tal Birdsey encourages them to stand up and scream.”


The Athenian Academy of Richmond
Formerly known as Richmond Enrichment Studio. We have moved to a new first-floor location at Robious Station Circle, right next to the Goddard School. The new space is beautiful, spacious, and has more classrooms so we may further expand our schedule to suit your needs. 2331A Robious Station Circle, Midlothian, VA 23113. Phone: 804-419-4460.


The Attic Learning Community
A progressive, independent school, in Woodinville, WA. The Attic operates a developmental, multiage, child-centered learning community for children ages 5 through 18.

The Clearwater School
At Seattle’s Sudbury School, children are always busy learning without the enticements of gold stars, without the requirements of pre-set curriculums, and without the pressure of constant evaluation.

ExCEL Academic League
We have a Co-op which meets once a week and offers a variety of classes that enhance the core education the students receive at home. We also organize a variety of nationally sanctioned academic competitions and teams such as Science Bowl, National Geographic Bee, Word Power Challenge and Science Olympiad. City of Washougal in East Clark County.

Frog Hollow Home School Program
Offers a one day a week program for homeschoolers ages seven to twelve. The curriculum integrates arts, music, social studies, and ecology into a solid core of language arts. Through a mix of writing, art projects, stories, singing, creative play, and outdoor exploration, students will receive a firm foundation in creative writing, grammar, literature, and mythology. Located in Madison Valley, Seattle, WA.

Puget Sound Community School
Seattle. An independent school for 9 – 18 year olds. PSCS helps develop capable, committed, compassionate young people from the inside out.


List of democratic schools
There is no monolithic definition of democratic education or democratic schools. But what we mean here is “education in which young people have the freedom to organize their daily activities, and in which there is equality and democratic decision-making among young people and adults,” as quoted from AERO’s Directory of Democratic Education.

LeadYoung Training
KidLead Inc. is the name of a non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Alan E. Nelson, to offer his work in developing young leaders with other non-profits (i.e. schools, faith communities). KidLead offers people and organizations that believe in young leader development, an opportunity to donate their resources for the common good of others. Recommended for co-op instructors, cottage school directors, and large support groups looking for a program to base activities around for this age group.

Praxis National Teachers Exam
Potentially useful to homeschool parents who want to start up their own “school” for homeschoolers or want to qualify to help fellow homeschoolers in states that require a “teacher” to oversee homeschools.


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