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Homeschool Web Clip Art

By Ann Zeise

Kids really feel home school is cool!

When you ask them, these are some of the reasons they might tell you:

They can dress casually, stay up late to study the stars or attend plays, and then stay in bed with a good book until late the next morning.

They are free from the symptoms of stress plaguing so many schooled children.

These drawings were especially made for me and for home educators by artist Michelle Thoburn. You might also enjoy her Spoof the Truth cartoon page on Facebook.

If you wish to use the drawings on your web site or in your publication, please ask me, Ann Zeise.

The polite thing to do is to give the artist written credit and a link to this webpage whenever you “borrow” this clip art.

To copy one of these graphics to your hard drive, click and hold (Mac) or right click (Windows) and in the new window that pops up, select the phrase that most nearly matches “Download image to disk.” Most browsers will allow you to do this, but each uses its own lingo.

Homeschooled children love to be able to read what they want, when they want, and how often they want, or to put a book down that isn’t as appealing as it first appeared to be.

Homeschooled kids love having lots of time to work and play on their computers, often while their pets lounge nearby. Pup, don’t worry, he’ll play with you, too, as soon as he makes the next level.

Siblings, neighborhood friends and homeschooling buddies enjoy working together, each to their own strength. These three represent an artist, a reader and a writer all working on a project together. This is how homeschoolers learn the necessary socialization of working in small groups, as they’ll need to do as grownups.

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