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Mail Lists and Social Networks for Homeschoolers

Directories and Advice

These are large, often global social networks for homeschoolers. Most are in English, though there is one bilingual Chinese/English group.


Homeschool Webmasters Facebook Group
A “techy talk” email list for those creating or maintaining homeschooling websites. Sponsored by your Guide, Ann Zeise.

How do spammers harvest email addresses?
From just about everything you do online, but some places it’s just asking for trouble, such as AOL chat rooms and Usenet message boards.

How to get junk email, better known as “Spam,” out of your life.

The Virtual Activist
A training course on using email and the web. Can be applied to homeschooling advocacy.


Email Lists for Leaders
Support and encouragement via email for those in leadership roles, especially online.

Homeschooling Email Lists and Free Newsletters
Karen Gibson has moved her listing of email lists and free newsletters to her new site, Leapin’ From the Box. Email lists can be an excellent way to gain support and information for your home education journey and to also find like-minded friends.

Online Support for Those Homeschooling Teenagers
Message boards and email lists for parents who homeschool teenagers.

Facebook Homeschooling Groups
Very long list of homeschooling groups on Facebook. Modify the search with terms important to you.

Yahoo Groups
This is the search results page for “homeschooling.” When I made this link, there were over 1300 homeschooling groups with lists on Yahoo.

Guide’s Best Bets

Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association Facebook Group
AHA is for homeschoolers/unschoolers/deschoolers/home-based educators of everywhere! It is for people who are taking charge of their children’s education, involving Afrocentric programming.

Atheist Homeschoolers
A discussion list for homeschoolers who are Atheists, Agnostics, or Secular Humanists. Anything related to homeschooling is appropriate.

美國在家自學的雙語家庭 Chinese-English Bilingual Homeschoolers in America
Our group is a platform for people in the U.S. who are, or soon will be, Chinese-English Bilingual Homeschoolers. By homeschooling we mean the children do NOT attend traditional public/private schools. Non-homeschooling related advertisements will result in members being removed from the group.

Depression Support For Homeschool Moms
This list was created to provide a safe, supportive place for Homeschooling Moms that also happen to suffer from depression.

Gay & Lesbian Homeschooling Parents
A Facebook group for homeschool parents who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or straight allies.

Homeschool Boys
This group is to facilitate friendships and provide an opportunity for good hearty play for homeschooled boys around the ages of 4-6 (and their mamas). It would be great if this could lead to a regular park day and spuratic play dates! Boys close in age and siblings are welcome.

Homeschool Support Network
A Facebook group for parents, families and students seeking information, support and encouragement to homeschool (educate/learn at home). We’ll encourage one another, share ideas, post news and other helpful discussions.

Homeschool with Movies
A place for homeschoolers to share educational movies from various online or TV resources.

Homeschooled Kids in the Kitchen!! (HKK)
A secular homeschool Facebook group for parents to share tips and recipes and teaching methods for teaching our kids to cook! No age requirements! Teaching your 7 year old how to make a sandwich? Great! Teaching your 17 year old to make 5 course meal? Fantastic! Tell us how you did it! Let’s do this together!

Homeschooling Daycare Providers
We are a Facebook group of daycare providers who also homeschool. This page is for homeschooling daycare providers ONLY.

Homeschooling Kindergarten
Homeschooling in kindergarten can be challenging. There are so many skills that need to be taught in that year. I’m a licensed teacher and have been teaching kindergarten and 1st grade for over 6 years. I can give you resources and strategies that will help your child become a great reader by the end of the school year.

Homeschooling Moms/LC’s Teaching Kids with Disabilities
This group was set up at the request of several moms/guardians with kids who have physical, emotional and/or mental disabilities, partcularly Autism, Asbergers, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety. This creates a unique situation in the household, especially for those using K12 via Virtual Academy, using another form of Online School or Homeschooling their children.

National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers
N.A.S.H. – Providing support and advocacy for secular education and homeschooling. Home page.

Separation of School and State: A list for discussing issues surrounding the removal of Government from the education equation.

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