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Homeschool Support Groups

By: Andrea Dillon 

One of the biggest tips I can give to any new homeschooler wondering “how do I successfully homeschool my child” is to locate and connect with homeschool support groups. These support groups can help you understand your homeschool law, find resources near you, and give you the support you need to help make your homeschooling journey a success. 


What Are Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool support groups are communities of current homeschoolers that have something in common. I receive lots of emails that ask, “how do you make friends if you’re homeschooled” and “where do I meet other homeschoolers?” My answer, homeschool support groups! 

There are different types of support groups:


  • In-Person Groups

These groups are typically created by a preexisting co-op, church, or other groups. They may have pages or social media profiles, but the bulk of the support is given face-to-face. 


  • Internet Homeschool Support Groups 

These groups are available only online as homeschool forums, Facebook homeschool groups, and other online sites. Internet-only groups tend to focus on a common topic like homeschooling methods, religion, cultural aspects, or other educational concerns. Some of these groups also cover wider homeschool communities like statewide groups or specific state regions. 


  • Hybrid Groups  

These groups mix in-person and online support. Most local homeschool groups fall into this type. They converse online to share tips and help but offer in-person homeschool support through homeschool meetups, field trip days, group lessons (co-ops), and other activities. 


10 Reasons To Join A Homeschool Support Group

  1. They can help answer your homeschooling questions. 
  2. You can have conversations with others that can relate to you and your family. 
  3. Options for socialization for you and your children become available. 
  4. You can make lifelong friends. 
  5. Find used homeschooling materials cheaply. 
  6. Get updates on homeschool law changes. 
  7. Share your homeschool knowledge. 
  8. Learn about resources that others recommend. 
  9. Gain cheerleaders to help you through tough times. 
  10. Participate in group activities and learning.


How Do You Find A Homeschool Support Group? 

Finding a support group that fits your needs can be difficult. Luckily we have many-sorted by location to help get you started on finding the group for your family. 

Homeschool Support Groups By Location Homeschool Groups By Topic  Add A Support Group




Homeschool Support Groups By Location 

Find local homeschool support groups to help you understand your homeschool laws, the state requirements, and the resources near you. 































New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







Washington DC

West Virginia



Additional Locations  





Mexico, Central & South America

Africa/Middle East

What If I Can’t Find A Local Homeschool Group That Fits My Family? 

Most homeschoolers yearn for a local homeschool community and an in-person homeschool support network. However, it isn’t always possible to find a current group that will mesh well with your family. This can feel like a dead-end, but read on for tips to find the right homeschool group.


Homeschool Groups By Other Topics 

If you have trouble, search for a homeschooling group based on your primary homeschool descriptor instead of a location. Try looking for groups focused on your specific religion or culture, that use your homeschooling method, or other prominent homeschooling concerns. Explore homeschool groups by topic to help you customize your homeschooling to fit your family and your children. 

Secular  Homeschool Method  Special Needs  Religious/Cultural 

Start You Own Homeschool Group 

You can also start your own homeschool group! Instead of trying to make your mold fit what is out there, put out the word, and find the others like you! 


Homeschool CO-OPs by Carol Topp CPA 

“Homeschool Co-op: A group of homeschooling parents that voluntarily unite together to educate their children. Come in all shapes and sizes.   · Pros and cons of being in a homeschool co-op. · How to start a co-op including running your first planning meeting · Ideas for classes and activities for all ages · Helpful advice on dealing with volunteers, setting policies, managing money and handling conflict.” 

Add A Support Group 

Do you know of or run a homeschool group or co-op that isn’t listed? Let me know in the comments below or contact me to get it added! 


Additional Resources On Homeschool Support

Online journals, usually the thoughts, opinions, and daily life of homeschool families.

How to get your homeschooling event listed on the A2Z Homeschooling calendar. 

What homeschooling families would like to find on web pages from library, parenting, and community organizations.

Periodic, subscription email publications of helpful homeschooling information.

You’ve been corresponding for months online, and now you’d like to meet in real life. Here’s a way to organize a casual session during a conference so that you can meet in a safe environment.



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