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Posts Tagged ‘ Articles from 2020 ’

Improving Communication in Online Homeschool Co-ops and Groups

Communication in Online Homeschool Co Ops

Online homeschool co-ops are a great way to communicate with fellow homeschool families. Discover how to improve communication amongst your homeschool support group with these helpful tips.
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Kids and Socializing Online


Socializing online and explaining social networking and the virtual world to kids is important to help them navigate the online world safely. Learn more here.
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Summer Activities for Kids at Home

Summer activities for kids at home

Summer activities for kids at home can be educational and fun. They range from summer reading to hopscotch and more. Discover educational summer activities here.
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Study.com Examines Common Myths Surrounding the Modern Homeschool Movement

homeschool myths

In early 2020 Study.com surveyed 2,398 adults and students, both with and without homeschool experience, to discover to what extent two common myths around homeschooling match up to the reality.
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Social Distancing Activities For Kids


During COVID-19, discovering social distancing activities for kids can be an exploration. Find out how to have fun despite current limitations.
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How to Help Your Child Transition to Homeschooling

transitioning to homeschool

Transitioning to homeschool can be challenging, especially when your kids are transitioning from public school. Discover tips and ideas to make the switch easier here.
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Explaining Coronavirus To Kids


Most kids may be familiar with coronavirus and might also be worrying. Learn how to talk to children about COVID-19 here.
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Virtual Field Trips for Kids

virtual field trips

Discover virtual museums, zoos, and other interactive field trip adventures for kids without leaving home.
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Homeschool Laws and Requirements

homeschool laws

Homeschooling is legal in the US but homeschool laws vary by state. Learn about homeschooling requirements, testing, and resources with these helpful tips.
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How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule

Explore homeschool schedules and routines with a free step by step guide, schedule templates, and helpful tips to plan your day.
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Coronavirus and Homeschooling: Looking for Temporary Educational Alternatives?

Are you considering your alternative schooling options to help minimize the risk to your family and other vulnerable loved ones? We have educational options to help.
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How to Start Homeschooling

how to start homeschooling

Homeschooling can be a big change but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn how to start homeschooling and what you need to homeschool your child.
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Help Your Homeschoolers Learn Life Skills

Father and daughter saving money.

Explore essential life skills and activities for kids and teens to grow, develop, and expand into a daily routine.
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How to Homeschool For Nearly Free

Find out how to homeschool for free (or just about free) with this list of free homeschool resources including free printables and curriculums.
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8 Unique Hobbies for Homeschoolers

Hobbies to do at home can vary from starting a podcast to geocaching! Read up on these fulfilling hobbies for stay at home moms and families to help beat boredom and stay engaged.
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Time4MathFacts Review

Time4MathFacts Logo

An A2Z Homeschooling review of Time4MathFacts.
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Homeschool Conventions to Visit in 2020!

homeschool convention

From the Great Homeschool Convention in Texas to the AFHE convention in Arizona this guide will help you navigate and take advantage of homeschool convention tips and tricks.
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Alpha Omega Publications Review

An A2Z Homeschooling review of Alpha Omega Publications.
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Reading Kingdom Review

Reading Kingdom Logo

An A2Z Homeschooling review of Reading Kingdom.
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Power Homeschool Review

Power Homeschool Logo

An A2Z Homeschooling review of Power Homeschool.
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