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Posts Tagged ‘ college ’

College Entrance Tests for Homeschoolers

How do homeschoolers get into college? What college entrance tests do they need to take? Find out that and more here!
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Homeschool College: Homeschool Ivy League

Is there a feasible path from homeschool to an Ivy League school? Get tips and ideas on how you can improve your chances of getting into your dream school.
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6 Must-Haves for Online Learners

If you are planning to opt for online learning, here are 6 essential tools and requirements to ensure a smooth online learning experience!
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Homeschooling High School: Alternatives to College

College doesn't have to be the next step after high school. Learn more about alternatives to college and how to help your homeschooler succeed!
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Homeschool Programs through Accredited Universities

Many state colleges and universities offer accredited homeschool programs.
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Homeschool To College Stories

College Stories Applying to College 16-year-old Larla Dey Maloney describes her process for applying to colleges starting with thinking about her major when she was 13. Homeschooled with MIT courses at 5, accepted to MIT at 15 After acquiring his entire elementary and secondary education from OpenCourseWare and MITx, Ahaan Rungta joined the MIT...
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College While Homeschooling High School

Look into concurrent enrollment if you want your homeschooled high schooler to take college classes.
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Home School College

Home School College

How to get college credit for studying done at home. Help and advice. Websites recommended by your Homeschool Guide.
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College Scholarships For Home Schoolers

Can your homeschooled teen get financial aid or scholarships for college?
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Course Numbers and Transcript Details

What important pieces should always be included when preparing a transcript for a college? Learn here.
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