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Posts Tagged ‘ conventions ’

Tips for Attending Homeschool Conventions

Homeschool Conference

Are you thinking about an in-person or online homeschool conference? Get advice to help make your homeschool convention attendance worthwhile and even fun!
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Homeschool Conventions You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Homeschool convention season is here! Grab your bags and meet your fellow homeschoolers at one of the many homeschool conventions/conferences happening all around! Why Should You Go? The number one reason to attend a homeschool convention is to find community! Homeschooling can sometimes make you feel like a single fish swimming in a big pond. At a convention, you get to see that you are not alone! Meet Others Like YOU! Are you looking for secular homeschoolers, Christian homeschoolers, unschoolers, or something else? Homeschool conferences allow you to make new connections and new friends! Get Homeschool Resources Conventions can provide you the ability to check out different homeschool curriculum options in person. I don’t know about you, but it really helps me to hold that book and flip through it before buying it. Homeschool conventions also offer loads of other homeschool resources like information on homeschool help sites, online homeschool programs, and homeschool materials you might not have even thought about using! Where Should You Go? There are plenty of different homeschool conventions out there. Find one close to you or make it a fun trip and go somewhere new! Great Homeschool Conventions hosts some of the most well-known conventions across the United States with many different guest speakers, events, and exhibits. You are sure to find something for you at one of these conventions. If you are looking for strictly Christian homeschool support, Teach Them Diligently Conventions provide multiple conventions across the US. There are also many other homeschool conventions in various states hosted by state homeschool associations and other homeschool groups for you to check out too! Make The Most of Your Trip So now that you have decided to go, and you know where you are going, you can start to plan on how to make the most of your homeschool convention adventure! Get your phone ready for pictures! Clear off the old to make room for the new. I love to take photos of the different booths so that I can remember what websites I need to visit once I am at home. I always think I will remember someone’s name and email, but sadly my brain likes not to remember those things. I know I can’t be alone so keep a small notebook on you to write down names, emails, and notes. Help new friends remember you by grabbing some cardstock and making some personal contact cards to hand out! Homeschool conventions can be fantastic events. Get out there and connect with fellow homeschoolers at the next convention. You might even get to see me at a few!

Homeschool convention season is here! Grab your bags and meet your fellow homeschoolers at one of the many homeschool conventions/conferences happening all around!
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Canadian Homeschool Conferences

Find out how to get Early-Bird pricing. Vendors, find out how to exhibit at Canadian homeschool conferences and conventions.
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