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Posts Tagged ‘ FAQs ’

FAQs About Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling high school does take some planning, but can be a leg up on starting college or a career earlier than most teens. Can I homeschool just part of high school, but not all 4 years? I don’t recommend doing a few years of homeschooling in high school, and then jumping back in for, say,...
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Homeschooling High School Student Resources

I have an up-and-coming high schooler in the fall. Are there enough resources available to help me continue homeschooling through graduation?
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Review homeschooling curriculum compared to public school

Questions and Answers with Ann This Week’s Q&A Question: How does most homeschool curriculum compare to the curriculum from a public school? Is it better or worse? Answer: While you can buy or be given really bad homeschool curriculum, when homeschooling, you always have the option to buy or borrow or use the top...
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We’ve decided to remove our children from public school

Questions and Answers with Ann This Week’s Q&A: Removing a child from Public School after school has begun. Question: I need help; quick! After much consideration, we’ve decided to remove our children from public school and begin to homeschool them after Labor Day. I am following my heart but I am clueless. I have...
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Going back to basic math for older student

Questions and Answers with Ann This Week’s Q&A Question:  I want to take my 8th grade son back to basic Math – 6th grade stuff. He doesn’t have a strong grasp of some of the basic Math skills and I think that is a major problem. Can I do that? I don’t want him to...
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Why Can’t Homeschoolers Play on School Sports Teams?

Years ago there were major problems with “ringers,” or players who weren’t qualified, playing on teams in league sports. These were kids that were years older and more muscular. These were kids that were not up to par academically. They may not have even lived in the school district. They attended a nearby private...
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What is Homeschooling?

Apples and Oranges – Rocks and Pears, Schools and Homeschools Have you ever thought about what makes homeschooling such a unique approach to living and learning with our children? Have you ever considered why it changes our lives in ways no other educational option can? Helen Hegener, HEM M/J 2004. Debunking the myths of...
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