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Posts Tagged ‘ Foreign Language ’

Japanese for Kids

Japanese For Kids

Need help finding a way to learn Japanese for kids? Explore these resources!
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Chinese for Kids

Chinese For Kids

Are you including Chinese language learning in your homeschool? Look here to find engaging ways to learn Chinese for kids!
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Italian for Kids

Italian Lessons For Children

Need Italian lessons for children? Explore these resources to help your homeschooler learn Italian online or offline.
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German for Kids

German For Kids

Find German language homeschool curriculum and free German language lessons here.
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Greek for Kids

Greek Language Basics

Teaching kids Greek in your homeschool? Check here for curriculum, Greek language children’s books, and other resources!
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French for Kids

Homeschool French Resources

Ready to homeschool French? Find French lesson ideas, free online French lessons, and French teaching materials for your homeschool.
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Activities For Teaching Spanish To Kids

Are you wondering how to teach Spanish to kids? Get Spanish activities for kids to help you get started.
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American Sign Language for Kids

Homeschooling ASL for kids? Get help teaching kids sign language with these American Sign Language resources.
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Free Latin Resources for Kids

Latin for Children - Free Resources

Introduce Latin to children with these helpful free online resources for learning Latin at home.
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5 Creative Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a new language can be a difficult topic to cover in homeschooling. Make it easier and a bit more fun with these 5 creative ideas!
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Top Learning Games for Foreign Language

Learn a foreign language while having fun! Try a language learning game!
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Free ESL Online Resources

Resources for Parents and Students

Learning a second language can be difficult, and learning English has its own specific challenges. Find free ESL resources here and discover how to help students achieve goals with learning English.
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Hebrew For Kids

Hebrew for Kids - Lessons, Tools & More

Teach your kids with Hebrew Learning for Kids and discover free online Hebrew lessons that reinforce knowledge in children.
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Foreign Language Learning For Kids

Foreign Language Learning For Kids

For Kids Near and Far Foreign Languages in General Linguacious® is a multi-award-winning language learning company that develops innovative vocabulary flashcard games and books in over 30 different languages. Their flashcard games and books are the only ones that contain audio by a native speaker of the language right from the cards/books, which make them an excellent...
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Free Spanish Lessons for Kids & Teens

Spanish - Free Lessons & More | A2ZHomeschooling

Homeschool Spanish with these free Spanish lessons for kids. Discover resources for helping your child learn Spanish here.
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Languages – Fun Lessons to learn Foreign Languages

English As a Second Language (ESL) French German Greek Hebrew Italian Latin Spanish Languages Near and Far Foreign Languages in General Czech Hawaiian Irish Japanese Sign Language Swahili Translations Welsh
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