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Posts Tagged ‘ free ’

Educational Podcasts

Expand your homeschool resources with FREE educational podcasts. Get recommendations and find the best educational podcasts for your homeschoolers here.
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How to Homeschool For Nearly Free

Find out how to homeschool for free (or just about free) with this list of free homeschool resources including free printables and curriculums.
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Free Science Curriculum Materials

Free homeschool Curriculum

Take care not to spend so much that you can’t change course while you take time to plan for the future. Take advantage of these opportunities to borrow materials or to get some free supplies outright. This page has links to physical materials you may send away for. Free material that is available online...
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Printing and Binding Classic Books for Homeschooling

Consider the cost of printer ink, paper and covers before you think of printing these as “Free” books. The cost may be more than buying paperbacks or buying a cheap Kindle for reading purposes only. I prefer to call them “Classic books” rather than old. These are readily available on the Internet, and I...
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Free Spanish Lessons for Kids & Teens

Spanish - Free Lessons & More | A2ZHomeschooling

Homeschool Spanish with these free Spanish lessons for kids. Discover resources for helping your child learn Spanish here.
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Physics Classes for Free

Physics Classes for Free

These physics classes are mostly for the high school level, but some are for AP physics. The physics classes are free at the time I post them, but may have a price later on. Some physics classes are specifically for homeschoolers. Books 125 Physics Projects for the Evil Genius by Jerry Silver Read Inside...
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Fun & Interesting Math Lessons for Kids

Help Teaching Math Topics Integers Made Easy AN A TO Z ARTICLE Using a village carpet and a small car, you can get across the concepts of adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. Benezet Centre Over 70 years ago in Manchester, New Hampshire, children learned no formal arithmetic until grade 6 (about age...
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Explore Free Homeschool Resources

Get started homeschooling today with these free online homeschool resources. Find something for the required subjects plus other fun ideas!
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