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Posts Tagged ‘ guest post ’

Activities For Teaching Spanish To Kids

Are you wondering how to teach Spanish to kids? Get Spanish activities for kids to help you get started.
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Big Cat Rescue: You Can Help Save The Tigers

Learn about tigers and how you can help tiger conservation with Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue.
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Coding For Homeschool: Boost Cognitive Development

Use coding to help boost cognitive development and more! Learn more on how coding can help your homeschoolers here!
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Middle School S.T.E.M. Education


Embrace STEM education in your homeschool. Get inspiration and ideas from guest blogger Amy Cortez on how to homeschool middle school STEM education.
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Learning Science At Home

Ready for science? Learn about the importance of teaching science to your homeschoolers and get ideas for fun science to do at home.
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Supplemental Homeschool Curriculum

You may be wondering: when is the right time to consider adding a supplemental homeschooling learning program into your child’s day? Get help and answers here.
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What Teachers Wish Parents Knew About Homeschooling Their Children

Are you looking to provide engaging homeschooling lessons for your children? Here are 5 things teachers wish that parents knew about home education.
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Homeschooling in Micro-steps

How can untrained teacher-parents tackle the education of their children? Micro-steps! Learn more in this guest post from Janet LoSole.
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How To Help Learners Build Math And Spelling Confidence

Help your homeschoolers overcome challenges and attain math and spelling confidence with advice from Sumdog.
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How To Help Your Child Develop Writing Skills

How can parents help with writing at home? Use these tips and approaches to help your homeschooler learn to write easily and effectively.
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Homeschool Socialization During Covid

Homeschool Socialization During Covid

Many families are concerned about homeschool socialization. Here are 5 tips to keep your homeschoolers socially connected during COVID.
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8 Tips For Homeschooling While Working From Home Without Losing Your Mind


Do you love the flexibility that homeschooling while working from home offers? Use these 8 tips to help your family work and learn in harmony.
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Why Should You Homeschool Technology?

Homeschool Technology

Technology is all around us daily. Find out why you should homeschool technology and get some resources to help!
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College Entrance Exam Guide & Free Online Test Prep Course

College Entrance Exam Guide

Do you have a high schooler with college looming in his or her future? Get help navigating college entrance exams and prepare your high school homeschooler with this guide from Homeschool.com!
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Summer Slide – What Is It and How to Prevent It

What is Summer Slide?

Summer slide refers to the way children can lose school-related information over the summer. Discover ways to combat summer slide here.
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How to Improve communication in a Online Homeschool Co-Op

Communication in Online Homeschool Co Ops

Online homeschool co-ops are a great way to communicate with fellow homeschool families. Discover how to improve communication amongst your homeschool support group with these helpful tips.
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Study.com Examines Common Myths Surrounding the Modern Homeschool Movement

homeschool myths

In early 2020 Study.com surveyed 2,398 adults and students, both with and without homeschool experience, to discover to what extent two common myths around homeschooling match up to the reality.
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How to Help Your Child Transition to Homeschooling

transitioning to homeschool

Transitioning to homeschool can be challenging, especially when your kids are transitioning from public school. Discover tips and ideas to make the switch easier here.
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Fill Your Homeschool Environment With Fresh Air

Your homeschooling experience doesn’t have to be stuck in a stuffy classroom. Get some fresh air around you, and you could improve the learning and have fun at the same time. 
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6 Must-Haves for Online Learners

If you are planning to opt for online learning, here are 6 essential tools and requirements to ensure a smooth online learning experience!
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