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Posts Tagged ‘ habitat ’

Winter Unit Study

Cold Places North The Arctic Studies Center Explore the history of northern peoples, cultures, and environments and the issues that matter to northern residents today. Join us as we excavate arctic sites and support indigenous efforts to preserve cultural heritage. Explore North All the information you need to explore the circumpolar North. The regions...
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Oceans – Marine Science Unit Study for Kids

25 Things You Can Do To Save Coral Reefs Even if you live nowhere near a coral reef and are “only a kid,” there are still many things you can do to help save these life-filled habitats. Adopt an Ocean Drifter Students follow their adopted drifter and analyze the sea surface temperature data in...
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Habitats – Biomes, Geology, and Life. Lessons for Kids

Visit the earth's Biomes which are areas with very different geology and plant and animal life: deserts, rainforests, tundra, taigas, temperate and grasslands within theseWebsites recommended by your Homeschool Guide.
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Rivers, Ponds, and Lakes – Water Experiments For Kids

Rivers, Ponds, and Lakes – Water Experiments For Kids

Investigate our waterways and learn to keep our drinking water pure. Websites recommended by your Homeschool Guide.
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Rainforest Worksheets Experiments Facts

Rainforests are extremely important in the ecology of the Earth. The plants of the rainforest generate much of the Earth’s oxygen. Amazon Interactive Plan and manage a locally-controlled ecotourism project. Can you make ecotourism sustainable? Auckland Zoo: McDonald’s Rainforest Explore the zoo and its unusual collection of animals. Be sure to stop in “Fun...
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