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Posts Tagged ‘ HSLDA ’

HSLDA and HSLDA/F Consumer Information

HSLDA and HSLDA/F Consumer Information

What about the HSLDA? By Mary H. McCarthy, links from Ann Zeise There are many different opinions about The Home School Legal Defense Association. First off, it’s your money and you may spend it any way you wish. If you want to join, by all means join, just know what you are joining. Read the...
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HSLDA And Gun Free School Zone Act

Homes being considered *Schools* for the purposes of Gun Control. NOTE: This issue has been resolved, and is only still posted for historical interest. ***Please share this summary with other interested parties via print, email, or any other format. However, please do not change or delete wording, but reproduce this summary in its entirety.***...
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The Ravage of Home Education Through Exclusion By Religion

A White Paper by Raymond S. Moore Attorney Michael Farris‘ homeschooling alarms in states from Coast to Coast, and federally over the last four years, and particularly his national alarm on the HR-6 amendment, constitute a serious tactical error if homeschooling is to be known for its serious contribution to American education instead of simply another passing educational...
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HSLDA Grant Funds

HSLD Foundation Grant Recipients 1998 The Home School Legal Defense Foundation made grants to the following organizations in 1998. According to HSLDA, as of March 1, 1998, The Discount Program paid $5 per family for groups with between 25 and 500 families and $7.50 for each group with 501 or more families. This list, then,...
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The Ravage of Home Education Through Exclusion By Religion _ page 2

Farris' service is offset by unilateral initiatives, creating alarm after alarm that spell catastrophe to the home education movement. By Raymond S. Moore.
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