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Posts Tagged ‘ In re Rachel ’

In re Rachel L. Legal Representation Announced by Homeschool Associations

By Ann Zeise HomeSchool California (HSC) Announcement I am thrilled to announce that we been offered help by two of the best law firms in the state (and country). The firms will be helping us on a pro bono basis. That means they will donate (very expensive) attorney time to help us figure out...
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Court Ruling Jolts Homeschool Community

By Ann Zeise Court ruling jolts home-school community by Ali Abdollahi, Milpitas Post with comments in brackets by Ann Zeise.. Parents and educators were shocked by a ruling in late February that stated all parents who wish to home-school their children in California must receive teaching credentials. The decision by a three-judge panel at...
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Rehearing at California Court of Appeal

6/24/08   Here’s the official press release that HSC and CHN (and, we hope, CHEA) will release. The arguments were long (two and a half hours in a hot courtroom) and thorough. The judges asked lots of questions, with some consistent themes. As soon as you thought you had one judge pegged as to how they were thinking, they’d...
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Long Family Case Development

some important developments in the Long family's case.
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California Homeschoolers Win Landmark Case in 2008

Landmark Court Case – California Home Schoolers Win By Ann Zeise 11:40 AM I got a call from an excited Debbie Schwarzer, as she drove along the highway, hopefully hands-free, that the California Court of Appeals had ruled in favor of homeschooling in our state. You may read the whole Opinion on Rehearing here, as...
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New Term for Independent Study Programs

California Homeschool Groups by County

Independent Study Programs Renamed By Debbie Schwarzer Co-Chair HSC Legal Team This notice is both for families who enroll in private school independent study programs and for people who operate private school independent study programs. It is being announced more or less simultaneously with announcements from CHN, CHEA and HSLDA. Debbie Schwarzer Co-Chair HSC Legal Team...
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Amicus Brief Accepted by California Court of Appeal

6/24/08   Rehearing at California Court of Appeal Keep in mind this court has an obligation to interpret the intent of the legislature, and it is a huge burden. Dateline: 6/7/08 On March 25th, the ruling was vacated and the California Court of Appeal granted a rehearing, scheduled for June 23, 2008. Debbie Schwarzer...
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Is Homeshooling Suddenly Illegal In California? No!

Regarding 08′ Court Decisions Dateline: March 5, 2008 – Below are two links concerning the 2008 decision. “In re Rachel L.” decision – 3/5/08 The “In re Rachel L.” decision handed down by the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, in Los Angeles County, on Febuary 28, 2008, has become...
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Talking Points

Democratic Assembly Member Talking Points Homeschoolers Urged to Talk to Their Democrat Assembly Members Dateline: 3/24/08 By Debbie Schwarzer, HSC , legal co-chair These talking points are far from perfect, but I needed to get something down for you to use. I think the push really needs to be on Democrats. The Republicans are...
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In re Rachel L. decision

By Ann Zeise California In re Rachel L. Decision Vacated – 4/28/08 The In re Rachel L. decision handed down by the Court of Appeal of the State of California, has been vacated. California homeschooling back to normal. The Following is History The “In re Rachel L.” decision handed down by the Court of...
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Anderson’s Resolution Supported by Homeschool Associations in California

By Ann Zeise Assembly Concurrent Resolution WHEREAS, Some thirty years of experience with the modern homeschooling movement in California demonstrates that home school graduates take up responsible positions as parents, as students in and graduates of Colleges and Universities, in the workplace, and as citizens in society at large; and” WHEREAS, Homeschooling by California...
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