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Posts Tagged ‘ planning ’

Finishing The Homeschool Year Strong

Homeschool End of Year - Finishing Strong

As the homeschool year draws to a close, homeschool end of year preparations begin. Find out how to finish the school year strong here.
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Homeschooling Year-Round

Year Round Homeschooling Explained

Discover the advantages and challenges of year round homeschooling and find out how to plan a year for homeschooling here.
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How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule

Explore homeschool schedules and routines with a free step by step guide, schedule templates, and helpful tips to plan your day.
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A Simple Plan for Homeschool Planning


Homeschool planning is a task with which many homeschooling parents develop a love/hate relationship. We’ve been there, and we even feel the slight sting of dread nearly every year. Try these tips for an easier time planning your homeschool year!
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Records and Reports – Part 3 Resources to Purchase

Records and Reports - A2Z Homeschool.com

The third post in the series Records and Reports. Practical resources that you can purchase or download and print that will help you to simplify your record keeping process.
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Records and Reports – Part 2

Records and Reports - A2Z Homeschool.com

Reports and record keeping are one of the toughest jobs that homeschool parents face. In this post, you'll find free resources, printables, and even an excel spreadsheet to help make record keeping a manageable task!
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Records and Reports

Records and Reports - A2Z Homeschool.com

An Excel spreadsheet and links to help you plan, record and report. Updated for 2016-2017. Feature by your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise.
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Field Trips Directory


Locate fun educational places to visit. Prepare for the field trip. Do some research on the web so you know what you are getting into.
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Other People’s Children

Someone else's children will ALWAYS know something that your kids don't. From your homeschooling guide, Ann Zeise.
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Planning a Custom Education

by Ann Zeise Dear New Homeschooler, The real trick to homeschooling is, believe it or not, to forget what “they” have put in place of goals for your child. It is quite obvious to me from your letter that your daughter’s goals for her life are not in sync with the school district’s. Our...
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