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Posts Tagged ‘ planning ’

How To Create A Homeschool Lesson Plan

Ready to homeschool? Use these five tips to learn how to craft a homeschool lesson plan for your homeschoolers.
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Finishing The Homeschool Year Strong

Homeschool End of Year - Finishing Strong

As the homeschool year draws to a close, homeschool end of year preparations begin. Find out how to finish the school year strong here.
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Homeschooling Year-Round

Year Round Homeschooling Explained

Discover the advantages and challenges of year round homeschooling and find out how to plan a year for homeschooling here.
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How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule

Explore homeschool schedules and routines with a free step by step guide, schedule templates, and helpful tips to plan your day.
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A Simple Plan for Homeschool Planning


Homeschool planning is a task with which many homeschooling parents develop a love/hate relationship. We’ve been there, and we even feel the slight sting of dread nearly every year. Try these tips for an easier time planning your homeschool year!
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Homeschool Field Trips Directory

Get out and into the world with these homeschool field trip ideas. Don't forget to grab your free Field Trip Bundle.
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Other People’s Children

Someone else's children will ALWAYS know something that your kids don't. From your homeschooling guide, Ann Zeise.
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