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THE A-to-Z of Homeschooling
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Posts Tagged ‘ regional ’

Alabama Homeschooling – AL Home School

Alabama has some unique home schooling laws, or rather, lack of home schooling laws and Ann has provided you with some links to follow and read. In Alabama, if you are not a certified teacher, you must be a member of a church cover school in order to "homeschool."
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Alaska Homeschooling

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in Alaska.
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Arizona Homeschooling

Arizona Home School Information Associations Events Field Trips with Kids Homeschool Laws Online Social Networks Resources For Homeschooling Support Groups For Homeschooling Associations Arizona Families for Home Education Here’s a one-stop source of information for homeschooling. Events Posted by People like You in our Homeschool-serving Community Enter an Event you know about or control....
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Arkansas Homeschooling

Associations Events Field Trips Legal Information Online Social Networks Support Groups ~ Central Arkansas ~ Little Rock ~ Northwest Arkansas Associations The Education Alliance Based in Little Rock, Family Council was established in 1989 in association with Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson. Family Council is a conservative research and education organization...
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California Homeschooling

Associations Phone numbers to the homeschool associations can be dialed directly from smart phones. Just click! California Homeschool Network CHN offers homeschool workshops, legislative updates. If you need assistance, email CHN or call toll free 800-327-5339 Christian Home Educators Association of California CHEA offers information and support of Christian home educators in California. If...
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Central & South America Homeschooling

Sirviendo a familias educadoras hispanos en Sudamérica South America Argentina Brazil Chili Columbia Costa Rica Mexico Peru Uruguay I rely on you who visit this page, living and homeschooling in Central and South America, to help me keep this page relevant. South America Organización Familia Escolar Sirviendo a familias educadoras hispanos en Sudamérica y...
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China Homeschooling

China Homeschooling

It’s not compulsory for foreign children to attend school in China, so there are no legal obstacles to homeschooling. Many families will opt for homeschooling to save on costs, spend more time with family, and get the best out of their China experience by exploring the hutongs, museums, and other cultural heritage sites.
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Colorado Homeschooling

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in Colorado. From your Homeschooling Guide.
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Connecticut Homeschooling

Welcome to A to Z Home’s Cool Connecticut Homeschooling page. Connecticut parents are given the responsibility of instructing or causing their children to be instructed (by sending them off to a government or private school) in a variety of basic subjects. Now the fun begins! How, when and where this instruction takes place is...
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Delaware Homeschooling

Demographics Events Field Trips Legal Information Online Resources Support Groups Support Group Lists Umbrella Schools Demographics Enrollment Report – Non-Public Schools (Includes Homeschools) in Delaware Recent and latest homeschool reports Events Posted by People like You in our Homeschool-serving Community Enter an Event you know about or control. Create and find notifications of homeschool...
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