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Posts Tagged ‘ rocks ’

Dinosaur Field Trip Locations and Virtual Tours

Exciting Dinosaur Field Trips

Explore field trips dedicated to dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures with these virtual and in-person visits!
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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for July

Need some inspiration for this month? Find everything we have A2Z for your July homeschooling.
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Rocks – Geology Experiments For Kids

Experiments Using Rocks The Absorbency of Rock Did you know that rock can actually absorb liquid like a sponge? This experiment shows you how to prove it. The Brazil Nut Effect – Experiment In Stratification And Segregation: Why Does Some Sandstone Have Stripes? Hernán Makse shows how sand grains of different sizes and shapes...
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Supplies For a Natural Science Lab

Unless otherwise noted, links below are all off-site links with whom I have no commercial connection. Acorn Naturalists In both printed and electronic versions, we offer thousands of hard-to-find specialty products, including new curricula, field identification guides, plant and animal activity books, water quality monitoring equipment, and audiovisual media. Ants and Stuff An online...
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Rocks And Minerals For Kids

About Rocks Age of the Earth So far scientists have not found a way to determine the exact age of the Earth directly from Earth rocks because Earth’s oldest rocks have been recycled and destroyed by the process of plate tectonics. USGS. Bitesize Science: Rocks and Soils Rocks can be hard, soft, permeable or...
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Fossils For Kids

Relics of the past “Many dead animals of the past changed to fossils, others preferred to become oil. In some rocks you can find the fossil footprints of fishes.” From Kids Quotes Discovering Fossils An education resource dedicated to British fossils, fossil collecting locations and the geology of the UK. Has a nice section showing how...
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Identifying Types Of Rocks For Kids

Identifying Types Of Rocks For Kids

Basic Rock Identification Fossils, Rocks, and Time Earth is constantly changing–nothing on its surface is truly permanent. Rocks that are now on top of a mountain may once have been at the bottom of the sea. Thus, to understand the world we live on, we must add the dimension of time. We must study...
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Rocks Collecting For Kids

Building Your Collections Activities with Rocks and Stones  This Rock-Splitting activity will surprise those who think all rocks are alike. Safety comes first with this summer activity, though. With goggles and gloves in place, kids can then start splitting rocks. Kids should first ask permission before starting this activity. Building a Rock Collection When...
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