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Posts Tagged ‘ Science ’

Gameschooling Science

Kid Science Games

Fun science games to make scientific learning even more hands-on! Get help with your science gameschooling with these ideas.
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Fun Ideas For The Pumpkin Patch


Visiting the pumpkin patch is our favorite fall family activity. Try these fun ways turn it into a learning experience and grab FREE pumpkin patch bingo and photo scavenger hunt printables!
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Online Educational Resources

Need some quick educational programs and ideas to get your child learning. Check out these free and low-cost online educational resources.
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Learning Science At Home

Ready for science? Learn about the importance of teaching science to your homeschoolers and get ideas for fun science to do at home.
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STEM Fair Projects: STEM Science Project

Ready to get started with your A2Z STEM Fair project? Get project ideas and download our FREE STEM Fair Science Workbook here.
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Garden Projects for Kids

Garden Projects for Kids

Looking for a hobby, lesson, life skill, or all the above? Include gardening for children in your homeschool with these garden projects for kids.
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Spring into STEM!

STEM Garden Activities

Ready to break out of those four walls and do some outside learning? Learn how to grow a STEM garden and include STEM garden activities in your homeschool.
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Rivers, Streams, Ponds, and Lakes for Kids

What is a freshwater ecosystem? Create your own freshwater unit study using the free resources on rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes for kids.
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Ice Cream Unit Study

The Science of Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Use that interest to learn the science of ice cream and more with these free unit study resources!
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Learning With Magical Microbes

Can you make clean energy with mud? We gave it a try with a STEM kit from Magical Microbes. See our experience and learn more about Magical Microbes in this blog review.
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Food Science Experiments For Kids

Food Science Experiments for Kids

Discover food experiments in every science category -from chemistry to earth science- and help your child practice all kinds of scientific thinking.
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Spooky Halloween Science


We are approaching Halloween! There is no better time to explore a few weirdly cool science experiments with our kids. Get started today with STRANGE SCIENCE!
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Simple Science for Early Learners

These early science activities will help your early learners begin to understand and relate to the physical world around them.
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Earth Day Activities For Everyone

Earth Day is a great time to work science and math into your curriculum. Your kids can feel like heroes when they learn how to go green!
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Raising Energy Smart Kids

Making your kids energy aware takes more than just nagging them to shut the refrigerator door. Teaching kids to be conscious of the environment will instill good habits that last a lifetime. Bonus – you can save on your electricity bill as they learn!
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Astronomy – Outer Space Experiments For Kids

Space Resources for Kids

Astronomy is the study of the entire universe and everything in it. It's full of huge distances, gigantic sizes, and long periods of time. Lessons, crafts, and experiments to learn more about stars, planets, and constellations.
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Forensic Science for Kids

Forensic Science Lessons for Kids

Forensic science uses science to solve legal issues within the civic and criminal justice systems. Discover kid friendly forensic science activities, resources, and more.
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Gak, Flubber, Silly Putty, & Slime Recipes

A2Z Homeschool

Certain substances act like a liquid until pressure is applied, and then they appear to be solid. Others are stretchy or bounce. The scientific name for these substances is "Polymers." How to do polymer experiments safely as a fun,homeschool experiment.
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Chemistry Experiments For Kids


Simple, easy, chemistry experiments kids can do at home with a parent's supervision.
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Plant Science Projects For Kids

Plant Science Projects For Kids

Botany is the science of how plants work, from the tiniest seeds and algae to the tallest trees. Websites recommended by your Homeschool Guide.
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