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Posts Tagged ‘ social studies ’

History of Pirates

History Of Pirates

Are pirates real? You bet they are! Learn about the history of pirates and their pirate ships with these resources.
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Gameschooling Social Studies

Social Studies Games

Fun social studies games and free online social studies games that can make learning more effective and fun!
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Learn About the Winter Holidays

Learn about the world around you and teach your homeschoolers how others celebrate their religion and culture in the winter months.
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Kwanzaa Unit Study

Let's learn all about Kwanzaa! Get Kwanzaa history, Kwanzaa crafts, and more with this Kwanzaa unit study.
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Hanukkah Unit Study

What is Hanukkah? Learn about this winter holiday in this Hanukkah unit study full of Hanukkah traditions, Hanukkah foods, and more!
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Online Educational Resources

Need some quick educational programs and ideas to get your child learning. Check out these free and low-cost online educational resources.
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Famous Women in History for Kids

Famous Women In History For Kids

Women have been extraordinary in their fields. Come read and get inspired by stories about famous women in history.
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Chinese New Year for Kids

Chinese New Year For Kids

Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world. Find facts about the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year history, and Chinese New Year activities here.
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Founding Fathers For Kids

Founding Fathers For Kids

Who were the founding fathers of the United States? What did they do for America? Learn more with these free resources and facts about the founding fathers.
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Age of Exploration for Kids

Age Of Exploration For Kids

The Age of Exploration laid the groundwork for the world as we know it today. Learn more with these facts about the Age of Exploration and its explorers.
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Colonial America for Kids

Colonial America For Kids

Ready to learn about Colonial America? Use these free Colonial America facts and resources to help your homeschooler learn about early American history.
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Pilgrims for Kids

Pilgrim Facts and History For Kids

How much do you know about the Pilgrims? Check out these free online resources to learn more about Pilgrim facts and history. Perfect for a Thanksgiving Unit!
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Native Americans for Kids

Native American Facts & History For Kids

How much do you really know about the indigenous people of the US? We are here to help!! Learn more with these free Native American facts and history for kids.
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A Conscious U.S. History Curriculum

Oh Freedom! A Conscious U.S. History Curriculum doesn't shy away from America's tough past. Learn more about the creator and the curriculum here!
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Talking To Kids About LGBTQ+

Help your kids understand LGBTQ+ issues with the help of these books, videos, and other educational resources.
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How To Talk To Kids About Racism

How to Talk to Kids About Racism

All parents should talk to kids about racism. Here are some helpful resources on how you can model and teach anti-racism to your children.
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Learn about Lady Liberty

On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated, which is what we are celebrating today!  What better opportunity to learn about the Statue of Liberty history than in recognition of her dedication date? 
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Economics for Children

Ideas and resources for teaching your child about money and finances. Homeschool lesson plans, games ideas, book recommendations, entrepreneurial ideas, and other economic resources.
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American Revolution – American History for Kids

American Revolution – American History for Kids

Stories and Videos of the American Revolution How did compliant colonials with strong ties to Europe get the notion to become an independent nation? How did the American Revolution get started? The American Revolution Event by event you can find out what happened during the Revolution. Boston Tea Party Facts The Boston Tea Party-Destruction...
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Activism For Kids

Activism for Kids

Talking to kids about activism helps them understand how change can happen in a community. Discover resources to help youth activism here.
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