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Posts Tagged ‘ socialization ’

Homeschool Socialization During Covid

Homeschool Socialization During Covid

Many families are concerned about homeschool socialization. Here are 5 tips to keep your homeschoolers socially connected during COVID.
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Social Distancing Activities For Kids


Explore these social distancing ideas to keep you and your homeschoolers connected and entertained during these tough times.
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Internet Safety For Kids

how to explain internet safety to a child

Learn about keeping your kids safe with these online safety tips and resources.
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Socialization: The “S” Word

What is socialization? Studies showing the comparison of the social adjustment of homeschoolers vs. school children. Articles about the social skills of homeschooled children and the effect on their development by being around adults a lot.
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Foundations for Successful Homeschooling

Foundations for Successful Homeschooling

Those with large families often wonder, “How can I be successful when homeschooling my family when my state requires me to report?”
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Socialization: The “S” Word Part 1

By Ann Zeise Email me about socialization questions or remarks you’ve heard and how you responded, and I’ll add the most poignant or funny here. Please refer to the “Socialization” article when you write. Homeschool Alumni Socialization Blues “Socialization Blues” by Israel Wayne, performed at the 2006 Homeschool Alumni National Reunion, July 28-30. “Aren’t you...
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