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Posts Tagged ‘ special needs ’

Resources for Homeschooling a Child Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Resources and information about curriculum to help you teach and support your homeschooler who is deaf or hard of hearing.
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American Sign Language for Kids

ASL For Kids

Homeschooling ASL for kids? Get help teaching kids sign language with these American Sign Language resources.
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Homeschooling A Child Who Is Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing

Homeschooling Hard Of Hearing/Deaf Child

Are you thinking about homeschooling a child who is deaf or hard of hearing? Get tips, advice, and networks to help here.
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Homeschool Speech-Language Resources

Speech Therapy Curriculum And Homeschool Resources

Speech therapy curriculum and resources to support speech-language development in your homeschooler.
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ADD/ADHD Homeschool Resources

ADHD Resources and ADD Resources

Homeschooling a child with ADHD or ADD? Get resources and information about curriculum to help you teach and support your homeschooler with ADD or ADHD.
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Learning Disabilities Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling Learning Disabilities Resources

Homeschooling a child with learning disabilities means that sometimes instruction may look a bit different. Get resources to help here.
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Down Syndrome Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Down Syndrome Teaching Resources

Need Down syndrome teaching strategies? Need Down syndrome teaching resources? Get help here to support your homeschooler with Down syndrome.
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Homeschooling Down Syndrome

Homeschooling Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome have unique strengths and challenges that affect their learning. Get support homeschooling a child with Down syndrome here.
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Homeschooling Learning Disabilities

Homeschooling Learning Disabilities

How can you homeschool learning disabilities? We have help! Get tips, support, and more for homeschooling a child with learning disabilities.
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Homeschooling Twice Exceptional / 2e

Gifted Children With Learning Disabilities

Twice-exceptional homeschooling? Get tips, advice, and networks to support your family when homeschooling gifted students with learning disabilities.
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To Test or Not to Test—Gifted Children?

How To Test If Your Child Is Gifted

Do you think your homeschooler might be gifted? Let’s discuss how and why to test if your child is gifted and get resources to help.
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Gifted Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling Gifted Curriculum

Gifted children like to be challenged, and you may find keeping them challenged a challenge in itself! Get help teaching your gifted homeschooler here.
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Homeschooling Gifted Children

How To Homeschool A Gifted Child

So you have decided to homeschool your gifted child. You have taken on a rewarding challenge. Get resources on how to homeschool a gifted child here!
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Dyslexia Homeschool Resources

Dyslexia Homeschool Programs

Are there dyslexia homeschool curriculum and programs out there? YES! Find resources to help you teach and support your homeschooler with dyslexia here.
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Homeschooling Dyslexia

How To Teach Kids With Dyslexia

Knowing how to teach kids with dyslexia requires work, but you can do it! Try these tips, ideas, and networks to support homeschooling with dyslexia.
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Homeschooling ADHD and ADD

Homeschooling A Child With ADHD

Homeschooling a child with ADHD/ADD may not be easy, but it can be effective and rewarding. Use these tips and resources to help with ADD/ADHD Homeschooling.
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Autism Homeschool Resources

It is always great to have a collection of free resources available. Check out these free resources to help you teach and support your homeschooler with autism.
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Homeschooling Autism

Homeschooling a child with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum? Get tips, advice, and networks to support your family with autism and homeschooling here.
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Homeschool Special Education Rights 

The rights of special education students are protected under IDEA. Homeschool students with disabilities have access to many resources. Learn about homeschool special needs laws by state here.
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Special Needs Homeschool Curriculums and Programs

Special Needs Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling special needs? Try one of these homeschool curriculums, supplemental resources, and support programs created to help students with special needs.
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