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Posts Tagged ‘ spelling & vocabulary ’

Word Play: Language Arts Activities for Homeschool

Word Play

No one likes busy work, but nearly everyone loves learning through games! Whether you’re looking for online learning games, printables, crafts, or worksheet activities, we’ve found some free options for you!
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Vocabulary Words And Definitions For High School

Connotative and Denotative Vocabulary Practice 20 misused English words that make smart people look silly We’re all tempted to use words that we’re not too familiar with. If this were the only problem, I wouldn’t have much to write about. That’s because we’re cautious with words we’re unsure of and, thus, they don’t create...
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Spelling For Kids

Spelling For Kids

Spell that word, home school spelling starts early Advice Bees Books Courses Dictionaries Games Practice Roots Rules Software Word Lists Advice How to approach spelling and vocabulary? English spelling is a nightmare. On one hand, in the modern world, our phones and computers all have spell checkers so the old time need to memorize the...
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Language Arts – Free Lessons for Kids and Teens

High School English English Composition Yes, you can teach yourself high school-level English composition. English Literature Free literature and lessons on analyzing great literature. Public Speaking How to write and give a speech. Famous speeches. Where to learn to give a speech. High School Word Lists A broad set of word lists for literature,...
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Word Games – Searches, Scrambles, Puns, MadLibs, Cryptograms

Children’s puzzles improve reading and writing skills painlessly while playing word games online or printing for offline homeschool fun. Crossword Puzzles Crossword puzzles with vocabulary hints Interactive crossword puzzle online, printable, or as an app.  Join the site and make your own. Creative Chemistry Crosswords Interactive chemistry crosswords. You can play them online, or you can...
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