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Posts Tagged ‘ support groups ’

Homeschool Support Groups


Homeschool support groups come in many shapes and sizes and provide helpful resources to homeschooling families. Learn more about local homeschool support groups near you.
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Secular Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

It can be difficult to find a secular or non-religious homeschool group. Find online and local secular homeschool groups listed here to help.
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How to Improve communication in a Online Homeschool Co-Op

Communication in Online Homeschool Co Ops

Online homeschool co-ops are a great way to communicate with fellow homeschool families. Discover how to improve communication amongst your homeschool support group with these helpful tips.
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Montana Homeschool Support Groups

Montana Homeschool Laws

Get help homeschooling in Montana with these Montana homeschool groups and co-ops.
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Military Homeschool Support Groups

A2Z Homeschool

Support for homeschooling military families in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Guam, South Korea, and Japan.
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Social Networks for Homeschool Support Leaders

Social Networks for Homeschool Support Leaders

Support and encouragement via social networks for those in homeschool support group leadership roles, especially online.
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Making Your Homeschooling Support Group Blog Special

The very top support group blogs focus instead on what they know that the Big Guys do not: their local resources.
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Starting a Support Group

Bylaws – A Sample from HEIR HEIR wished to organize into a non-profit but not tax-exempt homeschool association. To do this, they needed bylaws. Local support groups only need bylaws if they wish non-profit status for purchases. Forming a Homeschool Support Group Shared thoughts about some or all of these parts of putting together...
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Homeschool Community Networking

Building and Maintaining Support Groups * Homeschool Social Networker ~ One who spends a lot of time online, Tweeting, using Facebook, managing groups or chats, creating blogs, and even writing articles and e-books. Global Homeschool Support Groups Locate homeschool family social networks near you. Help me keep these listings updated, too, by commenting about...
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