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Posts Tagged ‘ support groups ’

Secular Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

It can be difficult to find a secular or non-religious homeschool group. Find online and local secular homeschool groups listed here to help.
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How to Improve communication in a Online Homeschool Co-Op

Communication in Online Homeschool Co Ops

Online homeschool co-ops are a great way to communicate with fellow homeschool families. Discover how to improve communication amongst your homeschool support group with these helpful tips.
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Homeschool Support Groups

local homeschool groups

Homeschool support groups come in many shapes and sizes and provide helpful resources to homeschooling families. Learn more about local homeschool support groups near you.
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Building a Support Website

Occasionally I get asked how I would recommend an improvement to a website for a homeschooling support group or other homeschool resource site. As I don’t have all the answers, I have started an Facebook group for homeschool webmasters. All of you who have a site (or wish you did) about and for the homeschool...
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Montana Homeschool Support Groups

Find a homeschool support group in your region of Montana that suits your interests and family needs.
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Military Homeschool Support Groups

A2Z Homeschool

Support for homeschooling military families in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Guam, South Korea, and Japan.
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Social Networks for Homeschool Support Leaders

Social Networks for Homeschool Support Leaders

Support and encouragement via social networks for those in homeschool support group leadership roles, especially online.
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Making Your Homeschooling Support Group Blog Special

The very top support group blogs focus instead on what they know that the Big Guys do not: their local resources.
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Starting a Support Group

Bylaws – A Sample from HEIR HEIR wished to organize into a non-profit but not tax-exempt homeschool association. To do this, they needed bylaws. Local support groups only need bylaws if they wish non-profit status for purchases. Forming a Homeschool Support Group Shared thoughts about some or all of these parts of putting together...
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Homeschool Community Networking

Building and Maintaining Support Groups * Homeschool Social Networker ~ One who spends a lot of time online, Tweeting, using Facebook, managing groups or chats, creating blogs, and even writing articles and e-books. Global Homeschool Support Groups Locate homeschool family social networks near you. Help me keep these listings updated, too, by commenting about...
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