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Posts Tagged ‘ teenagers ’

Homeschoolers at Work

Career Coaching Be Your Homeschool Teen’s “Career Coach” As their career coach you will help them make decisions that will show the true value of the home schooling experience. By Jim Davis. Dear Kids, You Don’t Have to Go to College I want you to know that you don’t have to go to college...
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Going back to basic math for older student

Questions and Answers with Ann This Week’s Q&A Question:  I want to take my 8th grade son back to basic Math – 6th grade stuff. He doesn’t have a strong grasp of some of the basic Math skills and I think that is a major problem. Can I do that? I don’t want him to...
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Drivers Ed Online to Get Permit for Teens

Drivers Ed training is an important aspect of learning how to drive. Find out how you can train, get course credit, and insurance discounts.

Your teenager has officially reached the milestone of learning to drive. Many parents fear this day but Homeschool Driver’s Ed is an option. Plus, homeschoolers can count driver’s ed as a course credit as well! 3 Steps for your Teen’s Driving Success   Learn the rules of the road! Find your state’s DMV handbook...
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Enlisting in the Armed Forces or an Academy after Homeschooling

Enlisting the Armed Forces Cover Letter and Transcript for Army Enlistment Here are the APPROVED (yay!) document templates for homeschoolers looking to enlist in the Army. As you probably know, each branch of the military has their own rules and requirements, but the Army appears to be the most homeschool-friendly branch. By Lori Dake....
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Setting the Records Straight, by Lee Binz

Setting the Records Straight, by Lee Binz

Lee Binz and her husband Matt operate The HomeScholar. Their mission is helping parents homeschool high school and many of their resources are free. Lee and Matt homeschooled their two children independently for eight years, from elementary through high school graduation. Both boys earned full-tuition scholarships to their first choice university. Lee is a...
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Homeschool High School Subjects

How to help a teen learn advanced subjects while being homeschooled.
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Teenagers Homeschooling High School

“Do what you love to do, and learn to do it very, very well, and some day someone will pay you very, very well to do it for them.” ~Steve Wozniak, inventor of the Apple Computer. Exploring the Ultimate Urban Legend: Homeschooled Teens  Homeschooling will not liberate parents from discussions or arguments with their...
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Homeschooling Teenagers’ Websites, Blogs, Forums

Being a Homeschooled Teenager The Clark News Written by 14 and 15-year-old homeschoolers, Robert and Trevor Clark. They report on everything that happens in the Clark house from the family dog running away to the family chess tournament. Articles include full-color photographs, gossip columns, sports sections and a “Random Quote and a fact of the...
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Course Numbers and Transcript Details

When to include or exclude course numbers by Shirley Minster As an educational consultant and director of a private school, I have read and prepared hundreds of high school transcripts over the past 23 years and have seen a wide range of notations, as one would imagine. There are some important pieces that should...
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