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Homeschool Graduation

How to Plan Your Homeschool Senior’s Ceremony and Celebration

Homeschool Graduation
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

Can you graduate if you’re homeschooled? You bet! Your homeschooled senior deserves all the pomp and circumstance that would be experienced in a traditional school graduation ceremony, complete with a party or other type of celebration—but only if that is what your homeschool family wants. The good news is that the perks of homeschooling continue. Since you will be having a homeschool graduation, you don’t have to stick to any of the graduation traditions you don’t like, and you can add anything that makes sense for your family. Be creative!

You want to make this milestone memorable, and you may have never organized a graduation before. Luckily, your homeschooler is not the first one to walk across the proverbial stage. Homeschoolers have been graduating for years, and there are resources that can help make you a great graduation planner. A2Z knows how hard both you and your homeschooler have been working throughout the years, and we want to make this process as fun and as simple as possible, so we’ve collected some resources for you:

Tips on Homeschool Graduations

The Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

The Homeschool Graduation Party
Alternative Homeschool Graduations

More Homeschool Graduation Resources

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


Tips on Homeschool Graduations

Once you get over the fact that this moment is actually here (you may swear that your child was just born!), you can focus your attention on how to make the graduation as special as your child. Here are some resources for general tips on planning a homeschool graduation:

Creative Ideas for Homeschool Graduation | Pinterest Collection by Time4Learning
Check out this collection of ideas for a homeschool graduation ceremony or party.

Graduate Your Homeschooler in Style: Make Your Homeschool Graduation Memorable $
By Lee Binz (Author)
“You’ve worked hard homeschooling your child, and now you’re near the goal line…high school graduation. Graduating from high school takes forethought, not just for the culminating celebration, but also to ensure your child has accomplished everything you want them to before leaving the nest.

Guide to Homeschool Graduation! | Homeschool.com
Read suggestions for how to finalize your homeschool years, as well as how to plan your homeschooler’s graduation ceremony and party.

How to Create a Simple Homeschool Graduation Ceremony | 7Sisters
This group of homeschoolers share eight steps to planning a homeschool graduation ceremony. There are lots of related links, too!

How to Plan a Graduation for Homeschooled Students | Graduation Source
Here are some steps you can take when planning your homeschooler’s graduation day.



The Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

You’ve decided you want to host a graduation ceremony for your homeschool senior. As you start your planning, you may want to consider a few key aspects of a graduation ceremony:

How big do you want your homeschool graduation ceremony to be?

Depending on whether you want your homeschooler to graduate with lots of others, a few others, or just surrounded by family and friends, there are a few ways you can go: 

  • If you want to be a part of a larger homeschool graduation ceremony, that you don’t have to plan, do some research through your state homeschool associations and support groups. Some large homeschool associations and support groups organize graduation ceremonies for members.
  • You can also check with homeschool organizations that may hold their own homeschool graduation ceremonies. Homeschool curriculum and support organizations, like Time4Learning for example, sometimes plan graduation ceremonies for curriculum users and may open up the ceremony to any homeschool graduates.
  • Maybe you want your homeschooler to graduate with other homeschoolers, but you want something a bit smaller. Maybe you want your homeschooler to know the other graduating homeschoolers and their families, or perhaps you want to have a role in planning the ceremony. You can find or organize a ceremony through a local homeschool support group. If you have learned and played with other homeschool families, you may want to celebrate together, too!
  • Another option is to keep the graduation small. You can plan a more intimate graduation ceremony for just family and friends and really keep the focus on your child.


Check out the graduation Time4Learning did for the 2020-2021 graduates!


Do You Want Your Homeschool Graduate to Wear the Traditional Cap and Gown?

You can choose to go with traditional pomp and circumstance, or you can have an informal ceremony where your graduate simply dresses nicely, wears shorts and a T-shirt, or whatever. In the event you choose the traditional cap and gown, the following are some places you can shop:

Cap and Gown Packages for High/Middle School | Graduation Outlet $
Find shiny and matte caps and gowns in several color options, and then add cords, stoles, medals, tassels, collars, and year charms.

Caps & Gowns | Home School Graduation Products $
Choose from matte and shiny graduation caps (with and without tassels) and gowns with several color choices.

Graduation Mall $
If you want that full cap and gown experience, check out what this site has to offer. Included are caps, gowns, and tassels for high school graduations, as well as diploma holders, accessories, decorations, and more.

High School Caps & Gowns | Homeschool Diploma $
Find graduation caps (with or without tassels) and gowns of all colors. What is the color theme of your homeschool?

Homeschool Regalia | Graduation Source $
Browse the collection of graduation caps and gowns, honors regalia, and accessories to make your homeschool graduate feel special. Get together with other homeschool families for the best prices.

What Will You Use for a Homeschool Diploma?

If your homeschool was linked to a cover or umbrella school, or your homeschooler took courses using a particular curriculum or at an online school, you may be able to request a diploma from that organization. Alternatively, you can buy or create a diploma on your own. These are resources that can help you decide what you will hand to your homeschool graduate on that big day:

Diplomas/Covers | Graduation Outlet $
Purchase a blank diploma certificate and a standard or custom printed diploma cover, both with color options.

Family Home School Novelty Diploma $
Customize the name of the family home school, date, and your homeschool graduate’s name. Each diploma comes with a navy diploma cover.

Graduation Accessories | Home School Graduation Products $
Create your own standard or custom diploma with a diploma cover, and then add accessories like stoles, honor cords, tassels, or home school medallions to your regalia.

Graduation Diplomas | Graduation Source $
Choose from several designs for an official-looking graduation diploma that won’t break the bank.

Homeschool High School Diploma Templates | Homeschool.com
Download your free pack of diploma templates. Then print your homeschooler’s name and sign it!

How to Obtain a Homeschool Diploma | Coalition for Responsible Home Education
Learn how to get or create a homeschool diploma for your graduating senior. Examples of homeschool diplomas are also included.


Homeschool Graduation 

The Homeschool Graduation Party

A homeschool graduation party often follows a homeschool graduation ceremony, but again, this is homeschool! You can have a party after a ceremony, throw a party instead of ceremony, or skip them both. If you do decide on the graduation party option, there are a lot of things to consider. For example, do you want a fancy event with decorations at a rented location or a simple cookout in the backyard? Do you want a theme based on your child’s interests or plans for the future? Do you want to buy invitations or make your own? So many choices! Here are some resources that can help:

30 Graduation Party Ideas to Celebrate Your High School or College Grad | Good Housekeeping
Do you have a lot of time (and maybe money) to throw at your child’s homeschool graduation? Here are some creative ways to make that party fun and memorable.

Graduation Party Food | Pinterest Collection by Hungry Happenings
Will you be having a full meal or finger foods? A cookout, a catered event, or a potluck? Check out this collection of graduation-themed party treats.

How to Plan a Graduation Party on a Budget | Graduation Party Planner
Do you want cake? Photos? Fancy decorations? Graduation parties can get expensive. Use this graduation party budget worksheet to plan how much you want to spend before you start making purchases.

Where to Host a Graduation Party | Punchbowl
If you have a spacious yard, you may be able to have the party at home. If not, there are other options. Based on your budget and guests, see if a banquet hall, bar or restaurant, or park or beach could work for your homeschool graduation.


Homeschool Graduation


Alternative Homeschool Graduations

Some homeschoolers do not like the attention from a party or would rather celebrate in another way. Here are some alternatives to homeschool graduation ceremonies and parties:

5 Amazing Senior Trip Ideas | Let’s Homeschool High School
A senior trip alternative to graduation would certainly be memorable. Consider these ideas for cruises, international travel, domestic trips, train trips, and backpacking experiences. 

High School Graduation Party Alternative
Looking for an alternative to a homeschool graduation party? Check out these ideas from parents of high school graduates.

How to Celebrate Your Grad When You Can’t Throw a Party
The pandemic has caused us to think of new ways to do things, and graduations are included in that list. Here are a few other ways you can make your homeschool graduate feel special instead of, or in addition to, a party.

Six Alternatives to an Over-the-Top, Expensive Graduation Party
Does your homeschooler want a graduation party? How much money and time are you willing to spend? Here are six alternatives that may make your homeschool graduate (and you) even happier.


More Homeschool Graduation Resources

Having fun yet? Here are just a few more resources for planning and celebrating your homeschool graduation:

5 Reasons a Homeschool Senior Needs a Graduation Ceremony | Homeschool Diploma
Debating whether or not to have a graduation ceremony for your homeschool senior? Here are some reasons why you might not want to skip it just yet.

Homeschool Graduation
Food for thought… Check out this informal discussion among homeschoolers about the importance (or insignificance) of graduation ceremonies.

Homeschool Graduation Shirts $
Check out these fun shirts for your homeschool graduate to wear with pride.











Senior Homeschool Graduation Packages | Jostens
How about adding a full package of graduation goodies for your senior? Packages include photo cards, stationery, class clothing and keyring, and a piece of class jewelry. As a one-stop shop, Jostens also offers caps and gowns, and a host of graduation accessories.

And something for you (because you deserve to celebrate, too!)








You have so many options for how to celebrate your homeschool graduation, but the key is to have fun! Enjoy this milestone in whatever way makes sense for you and your homeschool graduate. Congratulations!

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Have you recently graduated your homeschooler and have some advice to share? Have you done some homeschool graduation planning already and have found some good ideas? Please help your fellow homeschool seniors and their families by adding comments below….

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