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Homeschool Transcripts

Suggestions and Templates for Making Homeschool Transcripts Work for You

Homeschool Transcript Templates
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.  

You and your child have completed the homeschooling journey by conquering the most difficult leg, homeschooling high school. You have followed your state laws for graduation requirements to get your child to this point. You have collected grades in your grade book and have created report cards or portfolios and other documentation along the way. You have learned to be a teacher while also being a parent (two of the toughest jobs in existence!). And now you have a homeschool graduate! You celebrate the momentous homeschool graduation in some way, and then your child asks that question that inspires fear in many homeschool parents: “How do I get my homeschool transcript?

With all the flexibility that homeschooling brings, there is no stress, right? As a homeschooler, you can probably create a list of things that are less stressful than if your child were in traditional schooling. However, concern about what happens after homeschooling, and how to best show your child’s accomplishments, may be on that “other” list. You want your child to be prepared in every way for college or the military or employment, or whatever else might be in the future. Homeschool transcripts may be a necessary step in that direction.

To help you with obtaining or creating your homeschool transcripts, we have collected some resources for you:

General Tips on Homeschool Graduation  

Tips on Homeschool Transcript

Free Homeschool Transcript Templates and Examples

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


General Tips on Homeschool Graduation 

First, let’s consider what you need to know to help your child through this important milestone. Below are some general tips on how to prepare for homeschool graduation and what lies beyond:

Graduating with a Homeschool Diploma: How Your Homeschooler Can Graduate with an Official High School Diploma That is Accepted (Nearly) Everywhere $
By Rebecca Leach (Author)
“Looking for the BEST way to homeschool high school? Learn about transcripts, diplomas, graduation requirements, accredited courses, and reasons students don’t need a GED. FREE transcript and diploma templates included!… Informative, straightforward, and practical, Graduating with a Homeschool Diploma is a much-needed voice of reason and inspiration amid the flurry of false rumors that surround homeschool diplomas. Filled with real life examples, practical information, and sound advice, Rebecca provides the answers and tips you need to graduate your child with a homeschool diploma.”

Guidance | Beach High School
Beach High School is a private alternative school run by Wes Beach. Whether you enroll or not, he offers guidance regarding high school coursework and planning for college or other options after graduation.

How Does a Homeschooler Get a Diploma? | Very Well Family
Learn what you need to know about graduation requirements for homeschoolers, why a transcript is more important than a diploma, and other important considerations.

How to Graduate a Homeschooled Student | Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
Read advice on following your state’s homeschooling laws, considering your child’s future plans, keeping transcripts, completing standardized testing, and applying for scholarships for homeschoolers.



Is an Accredited High School Diploma Important? | Homeschool.com
Discover more about this serious question and whether having an accredited high school diploma is something that should be of concern to you.

What You Need to Know about Homeschool Graduation Requirements | Annie & Everything
Read through this homeschooling advice and then download the Quick College Confidence Guide for help with the process of looking up college requirements.


Homeschool Graduation


Tips on Homeschool Transcript

Now let’s take a look at homeschool transcripts, specifically. Fellow homeschoolers and other organizations offer suggestions for how to make your transcripts effective, showing your child’s accomplishments in the best light. Check out these resources to start the process:

Elective Course Descriptions | Oklahoma Homeschool
As you create your homeschooler’s high school transcripts, you may need help writing course descriptions. Here is a list of elective course descriptions on which you can model your course descriptions for courses other than math, science, social studies, and ELA.

Free Guide to Creating Homeschool High School Transcripts | Homeschool.com
Download your free guide here, so you can easily create transcripts that will help get your high school student into college.

Guide to Giving High School Credits | Homeschool.com
Check out this infographic that will help you determine how to assign credits to high school courses.

Homeschool High School Grades, Credits, and Transcripts (Podcast) | Homeschool.com
Listen as Jamie Gaddy, of Homeschool.com, and Lee Binz, of The HomeScholar, discuss important high school records.

Homeschool High School Transcripts | Homeschool.com
Discover the importance of a high school transcript, what to do with nonacademic courses, what goes on a high school transcript, and other records you should keep.

Homeschool High School Transcripts FAQ | Let’s Homeschool High School
Find answers to these questions: What should a basic homeschool transcript include? What do colleges want to see in a college preparatory transcript? What should a course description include? How should you create transcripts for a student who has a mixture of public, private, and homeschooling records? How should courses be documented? How can you document volunteer hours and other types of awards or service?

Homeschool Transcripts | Covenant College
Check under “Homeschool Resources” where you will find links to a Homeschool Transcript Guide, a Homeschool Transcript Template, a Homeschool Transcript Sample, and a GPA Calculation Table.

How to Create an Official Transcript with Accurate Homeschool Grades | Homeschool.com
Lee Binz, of The HomeScholar, provides tips for parents creating their own homeschool high school transcripts.

How to Obtain a Homeschool Transcript | Coalition for Responsible Home Education
If your homeschooler completed coursework through an umbrella or correspondence school, virtual charter school, online public school, or other organization, you may be able to get a partial/full transcript from that organization. If not, you may need to create a transcript. Find out more here!

Preparing Your High School Transcripts the Right Way | Homeschool.com
Learn about the purpose and components of high school transcripts, including a step-by-step list of how to create them.

Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschoolers Guide to High School Paperwork $
By Janice Campbell (Author)
“Homeschoolers need to know how to keep simple, accurate high school records in order to create a transcript that will “wow” college admissions counselors…. This third edition of the classic Transcripts Made Easy covers everything parents need in order to assign grades, grant credit, and keep the right records. Transcripts Made Easy provides clear, step-by-step instructions for creating several types of transcripts using simple word processing software that most people already know how to use.”



Free Homeschool Transcript Templates and Examples

Still need more transcript help? The good news is that there are plenty of high school transcript templates and homeschool template examples out there! Here are just a few:

High School Transcript | Baylor University
This is a sample high school transcript that you can also use as a template and edit with your own information.

Homeschool High School Transcript Template Download | Homeschool.com
Read some advice on homeschooling records and then download this high-quality transcript template, complete with step-by-step directions.

Homeschool High School Transcript Template | Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
Use this free downloadable transcript for a complete record of high school achievement and attendance records. This organized, professional transcript is customizable and includes subjects, grades, credits, GPA, and standardized test scores.

Transcripts | Bright Kids @ Home
Browse the information on homeschool transcripts and sample transcripts, and then download the blank homeschool transcript template pdf or Excel file.


Transcript Creator | How to Homeschool Today
Use this free, online tool to create a simple high school transcript. It will even calculate your GPAs for you. Be careful: You get one chance to save as a PDF before you close the window, or your draft will be lost.

Homeschool High School Transcript Template | Time4Learning
Access this free Time4Learning transcript to use whether you are a Time4Learning member or not. It can be customized by you to meet the goals and accomplishments of your homeschooler.


Even though capturing your child’s amazing achievements on paper may seem daunting, don’t let this bit of recordkeeping make you nervous! You did the hard part and got your homeschooler to graduation. Celebrate and enjoy this special time!

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Have you graduated your homeschooler and have some advice to share about preparing for what’s next? Please extend a helping hand to other homeschooling families by adding comments below….


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