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Back To School or Not?

But I Want to Go to School!
Some homeschooling parents reason that a teenager, especially one who has recently experienced both school and homeschooling, should have a say in how he pursues his education. By Cafi Cohen.

Public School or Homeschool?
It seems that into many homeschooling families’ journeys comes a fork in the road; a time to decide between continuing on the homeschooling path or to travel the road that leads to public school attendance. By Linda Dobson.

Many homeschooling parents talk about burn-out, and imply that homeschooling their children is burning them down. We believe that most homeschooling parents were burnt-out long before their children were born.

But I Wanna Go To School!
Explain the real freedoms and joys association with homeschooling. Tell them the drawbacks of public schooling as well. Then sit back and be prepared to listen to the concerns of your child. Find out why they want to attend school. The more specific the answer, the better. By Cindy Englan Stanley, RMEC.

Creative Electives for Your High School Student
Whatever route you take, make sure to keep records of time spent, materials used, projects completed and any other effort put forth, in the form of a paper document or portfolio. You will want to have a record available when it’s time to get those transcripts ready for college.

Encouragement for Homeschool Moms
This is NOT how it was supposed to be. You begin to wonder if a stranger would do a better job teaching your child than you are. You wake up too tired for your own quiet time and feel like there is no longer time for Bible and devotion with your children when they are struggling to finish all the other ”mandatory stuff”. By Patti Love Johnson.

High School: A Great Time to Homeschool
Homeschooling high school is a huge commitment, but if you have homeschooled before, you already know the price of commitment. You have also seen some of the fruits of your labor. Why quit while you’re ahead? By Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Homeschooling to Public High School
Recently a few parents have asked whether public schools can refuse to accept credits from non-accredited schools, including private homeschools. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. HSC.

How a rocky homeschooling journey ended well
Homeschooling was a journey filled with ups and mostly downs. I only appreciated being homeschooled after I finished my first semester in Oklahoma Baptist University. Now, I’m at OBU, and I can confidently say that if I weren’t homeschooled, I would be struggling in college classes. By Evangeline Han.

I Was a Homeschool Dropout
I thought teaching my kids at home was the best thing for our family. But God had another lesson plan. By Dawn C. Pitsch

Should You Put the Kids Back in School?
When well-planned lessons continue to bomb, when routine household chores pile up, when bills and other family responsibilities multiply, homeschooling parents may look for other schooling alternatives.

Ten Reasons to Homeschool Through High School
Many homeschoolers complete standard high school academics eighteen to twenty-four months, very quickly compared to the four years most high schools take. Using self-instructional materials, they chose, and learning in ways that make sense to them, most teens can cut the time for traditional high school by half. By Cafi Cohen, from her bookHomeschooling the Teen Years

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