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Homeschool Graduation

Homeschooling Tips: How to Do Homeschool Graduations
Homeschool graduation ceremonies can be conducted at home by celebrating with friends and family or by contacting state support groups for larger ceremonies. Celebrate the completion of the homeschool journey with tips from a homeschool teacher in this free video on education.

Homeschool Diploma Photoshop Template
Diploma with gold lettering and no border. Edit in Photoshop to customize for your graduate. Print on certificate paper.

Creative Ideas for Homeschool Graduation
30 pins of ideas for a homeschool graduation ceremony or party.

Graduation, Homeschool Style
Attendees at our particular homeschool graduation ceremony recognized over 100 homeschooled high school graduates from all over the city of Houston.

Homeschool Graduation
We are independent homeschoolers (i.e., we don’t belong to any kind of umbrella group). I wonder if any of the umbrella groups allow independents to participate in theirs. A discussion among homeschoolers on the importance of a graduation ceremony.

HomeSchool Graduation Celebrations
Homeschool graduation announcements are just like the regular graduation declarations, but homeschool announcements are even more special. These announcements signify your child is ready for a transition and indicate you have done a good job of raising and educating the student!

Graduation Mall
If you want that full cap and gown experience check out what this site has to offer!

How to Plan a Graduation For Homeschooled Students
When your child doesn’t have a class to walk with, academic awards to receive or college plans to share with peers, graduating may not seem like a very big deal at all. Here are some ways homeschool parents can make their student’s graduation a special event, rather than just another day. By Kristoff Albanese

Resources for Homeschool Graduation
Use these great resources from Let’s Homeschool High School to help you prepare for your homeschool graduation.

Sharnessa’s Graduation
The whole event was very well organized and put together; a good choice in many respects. Sharnessa didn’t know a soul, but, being Miss Social Butterfly, this didn’t daunt her in the least. By Barb Shelton.

Tory’s Graduation
The number of Graduates was low ­ only one student, Tory, but it lacked nothing in tradition, “specialness,” and elegance! By Barb Shelton.

I may be contributing to the problem, but my intention is to show that you don’t have to do “school at home” in order to qualify for and succeed in college — if that’s what you want. By Luz Shosie, Unschoolers Unlimited.

WHO Homeschool Graduation 2008
A montage of Washington Homeschool Organization’s 2008 Graduation.

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  1. louiswanggm on December 7, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Here’s another site which you a find a variety of graduation supplies for homeschool graduation.

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