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Homeschool Transcript Template

Help interpreting your homeschool high school-level work to make into transcripts for college applications. Diploma, report card and certificate templates, too. Help and advice links from yourhomeschool guide.

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The Total Transcript Solution
The Total Transcript Solution

The HomeScholar’s new e-book, “The Total Transcript Solution” will take the fear out of creating homeschool transcripts.
Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School Paparwork
Transcripts Made Easy

By Janice Campbell
This eBook helps you streamline high school paperwork and make it easy to create great-looking, effective homeschool transcripts and diplomas using simple software you already own or can download absolutely free.



Course Numbers and Transcript Details
There are some important pieces that should always be included when preparing a transcript for a college. By Shirley Minster.

Records and Reports
Your Homeschooling Guide offers a variety of ways to help you plan and track as you wend your way toward college.


Beach High School
A private alternative school run by Wes Beach, offering a legal umbrella, guidance, documentation, college admission planning, and transcripts based on concise portfolios. Specialty: helping teenagers make a transition from high school studies to their next life situation, whether college or other. [Guide’s note: I’ve met this guy and he’s good! On west coast.]


Look on your favorite office supply website.
Put “certificate paper” in the search engines on the site. Search for an 81/2 x 11″ diploma frame, too. Also, look for “embossers” and “seals” to make an official-looking seal on your document.


Homeschool Diploma Photoshop Template
Diploma with gold lettering and no border. Diploma.ttf font. Edit in Photoshop to customize for your graduate. Print on certificate paper.

Certificates & Memories
Diplomas and other certificates that you can print out on nice parchment. They’ll help you find the paper and the gold seal as well. Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Diploma Quest(ion)
It’s so easy to get hung up on the whole issue of a high school diploma. The main purpose of a diploma is to document a specific program of study that has been completed at an educational institution. By Barb Shelton.

What About High School Diplomas?
Here is the simple answer – Your own diploma! You can get a GED if you like, or you can use a cover school that offers diplomas, or – Create your own! The important thing is not the diploma, it is the transcript.


Edu-speak, the dictionary
Need to translate ordinary activities into something that an educator can understand? Study this vocabulary list, and you’ll be able to explain to any school administrator what you are doing, even if you unschool!

Elective Course Descriptions
To help you prepare your child’s high school transcript, here is a list of elective course descriptions used by a local public school. Generally, public schools and colleges will not accept these courses as meeting the requirements of high school math, science, history, and English but they can be used as credits for electives.

Sample Homeschool Transcripts

Admission for Homeschooled Students

High School Academic Transcript Record
I’m not sure this one would impress an admissions officer, as there are no course descriptions and numerical based “grades.” Why not just give the teen straight A’s and be done with it?

High School Transcript
This sample includes courses in religious subjects.

High School Transcripts
Donna Young has several transcript templates in WORD format on her site.

Homeschool Curricular Template
Most of Houghton’s homeschooled applicants come from homes which utilize an eclectic approach, drawing curricular materials from a variety of sources. For these families we can, based on the experience of our admission committee, offer a template which you may find useful in preparing your records for college admission officers.

Mary Baldwin College Official Homeschool Transcript
This transcript is subject based, and then grade level next to each subject. Good sample for the student who worked on a subject over their 4 years of high school. It also shows good example of a parent’s self-certification statement.

Sample Secondary Homeschool Transcript
This sample includes course descriptions.

How to prepare a transcript. A couple of templates, and an explanation of credit hours and grading. From Oklahoma Homeschool.

Templates for Homeschool Transcripts

Homeschool Diploma Photoshop Template
Diploma with gold lettering and no border. Edit in Photoshop to customize for your graduate. Diploma.ttf font. Print on certificate paper.

Basic High School Transcript
Donna Young’s page offers a simple transcript file to get you started. Some families have donated samples of more complicated transcripts.

Home-school Transcripts
Covenant College provides its applicants with templates in Word and Acrobat (pdf) formats.

High School Transcript
Bright Kids at Home – Shown in HTML format. Download transcript in pdf format. You will need an website software to add your teen’s information, or software that can turn pdf files into WORD files.

Mary Baldwin College Official Homeschool Transcript
This transcript is subject based, and then grade level next to each subject. Good sample for the student who worked on a subject over their 4 years of high school. It also shows good example of a parent’s self-certification statement.

Transcript Creator
Be careful with this one! You get one chance to save as a PDF before you close the window, or it will be lost. They don’t keep it.

Templates for Homeschool Report Cards or Progress Reports

Report Card or Progress Report Template
Excel (.xls) format. Edit to suit your homeschool. Print out two-sided. Useful for those needing a “Progress Report” for Pop Warner or to meet a state requirement. Thanks to homeschool mom, Sherie Williams, for providing this template.

Mid-term Report
Use this template to create a simple report card that you can easily fill out, print, and share with your students.

Report Card
Publisher Template for a Home School Report Card.

Report Card Template
Microsoft Excel template, perfect for grading homeschoolers in Middle School/Jr. High and High School.

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