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Homeschooling First Job Resume

Career Coaching

Be Your Homeschool Teen’s “Career Coach”
As their career coach you will help them make decisions that will show the true value of the home schooling experience. By Jim Davis.

Dear Kids, You Don’t Have to Go to College
I want you to know that you don’t have to go to college if you don’t want to, and that there are other avenues to achieving that future that may be more instructive, more meaningful, and more relevant than getting a degree.

Helping Your Child with Career Planning 
How can we help teens set appropriate career goals and then apply themselves with diligence and commitment to attaining those goals? By Susan M Johnston, HEM.

Preparing Your Teen for His First Job
When our oldest turned 13, I suggested he volunteer at the public library. When he turned 14, he applied to a teen volunteer program at a local living history museum working as a blacksmith’s apprentice. Although both jobs were volunteer positions, when he later applied for his first paying job dipping ice cream, he had something to include on a resume and job application.

Solomon Heads Home
I like to think of what I am doing as assisting my children in equipping themselves with life companions. This should not be confused with making them “well-rounded.” Advice for when your teen wants to drop out of something they’ve done for years. By David Albert HEM J/A01.

Resumes That Work
Sometimes you need a resume. The Larry and Susan Kaseman offer suggestions specifically for homeschoolers on creating an effective resume. By Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM M/J 07

[email protected] ‘s Career Information
Now is the time to look ahead and think about what type of work will satisfy you. We’ll step you through the process.

When Homeschoolers Meet The Workforce

Acquiring Strong Letters of Recommendation
Homeschoolers applying for jobs, internships and other programs, and college admission need to create effective credentials. Strong letters of recommendation are one of the best possibilities. By Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM J/F 07.

Homeschooler Speaks Out
I also chose, when I was twenty-one, to go to the jungle island of Papua, New Guinea to work with a primitive tribe called the Kumboi, where I spent two years studying their culture and language. By Rebekah Joy Anast.

The Paper Route
This “job” started when the child was but 18 months old, but it taught him about the world of work. By Ronnie Ugulano.

Success Stories
You won’t believe what these homeschoolers have accomplished!

Transition to the World of Work
As homeschooling parents, we hope our kids will progress naturally from homeschooling into the world of work. By Cafi Cohen, HEM.

Unschooling Meets the Workforce
As a lifelong unschooler, I’ve grown up with the luxury of studying what interests me. Supposedly I should be able to make a living by following my interests, too. A conversation with Michael Fogler by Peter Kowalke.

Work Permits
While much of this article refers to California law, some strategies may apply in other states as well. By Wes Beach.

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