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Ideas for a Great Graduation Party

Time for Graduation

The school year is winding down and summer is approaching quickly. Most homeschoolers are finishing up their year and planning summer fun. Some homeschoolers, however, are coming to the end of an era. The moment has arrived, the last lesson is completed, and it is time for graduation!

Graduation is a milestone for students. For homeschoolers, it is a milestone for the entire family! Homeschool graduation is a great time to recognize the hard work and effort spent for the past 13 years! But…how do you plan a memorable homeschool graduation?


The biggest hurdle for homeschool parents is how to handle the ceremony. Should it be big? Should it be small? What do you need to have a ceremony?

The perks of homeschooling don’t end yet! The homeschool graduation ceremony is yours to tailor to you and your teen’s wants and needs.


  • Check with your state homeschool associations. Many larger state homeschool associations will organize graduation ceremonies for their members.


  • Organize a ceremony with nearby homeschool support groups. Many homeschool families are facing the graduation milestone. Celebrate together!


  • Let the family have a front row seat to celebrate with the graduate. Plan a graduation ceremony for just family and friends.


Planning a Celebration Party

Many families opt for a graduation party in addition to or even in place of a ceremony. Celebration parties are more relaxed and allow for quality time with friends and family. Best of all they can be as elaborate as fancy decorations at a rented location or as simple as a cookout in the backyard.


  • Do you want a celebration cake? Professional photos? Decide on a graduation budget and what your must-haves are.


  • Make it individualized for your family. Pick a graduation theme based on the graduate’s interests or their plans for the future!




  • Decide on food. Do you want a full meal or just finger foods? Cookout, catered, and potluck are just a few options you can consider! Go as simple or as creative as you like!

Senior Trip

Some homeschoolers may prefer skipping the graduation entirely to focus on getting out into the world! For those families, check out these amazing senior trip ideas!


The freedom to customize your family’s graduation experience is an extra bonus of homeschooling. However, the most important part of any graduation ceremony and party is to have fun. Enjoy this occasion with your student and family. You have all worked hard to get to this moment! Congratulations!

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