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The Importance of Sleep For A Student’s Mental Health


Homeschooling your children can be a difficult, but an incredibly worthwhile, experience. You’ve probably spent hours planning the best curriculum and experiences possible to give your child a fruitful and competitive education, but have you made sure that plenty of sleep is a part of that plan? Sleep is vital to students’ mental health. Let’s take a look at why!


Keeps Stress in Check

Stress can be incredibly harmful to a student’s health. Elevated levels of stress can put them at an increased risk of depression and anxiety, as well as reduce the amount of attention they can give to their studies. Too little sleep can cause stress levels to soar while getting enough sleep helps students work through their troubles and wake up happy and energized.


Improves Symptoms in Depression & Anxiety

If your student has already been diagnosed with some kind of mental health disorder, not getting enough sleep can exacerbate the problem. The best idea is to ensure that students get plenty of sleep every night, at consistent times, to keep them alert and healthy. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a worsening of symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, so the last thing you want to do is keep them too busy to get plenty of quality rest.


Increases Classroom Learning

Mental health is an important aspect of your student’s health that has the potential to impact every facet of their life. Good mental health, in general, is far more conducive to learning than poor mental health. Ensuring that your child receives quality, uninterrupted sleep every night is setting them up to succeed by helping to reduce their risks for issues like stress and depression. This, in turn, has the benefit of improving their capacity for studying and learning.


Reduces ADHD Symptoms

Finally, sleep is an important component in treating ADHD and keeping it under control. ADHD is a fairly common issue that affects thousands of children across the country every year. It is important to understand that these children require special care to succeed and keep their symptoms at bay. That’s why quality sleep is vital. Sleep has been shown to help reduce ADHD symptoms – almost entirely, in some cases. The simple step of ensuring that your student sleeps consistently every night can actually help improve their mental health and improve their learning capacity.


To give your students the best chance at success possible, ensure they get plenty of quality sleep every night. Their mental health (and homeschooled education) depends on it.




About the Author:

Stephanie James is a health enthusiast by day, and freelance writer by night. She loves to cover all things wellness and fitness, and encourage others to make all aspects of their health a priority. 


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