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What Is Needed For College


Written by Lisa on Thu Feb 25 21:35:34 1999 GMT

I’m beginning to prepare myself for the high school years and am trying to obtain as much information as I can. I especially want to know what is needed for college.

Re: college

Written by Micah Crews on Mon Mar 1 20:12:40 1999 GMT

As an admissions professional, the best advice I can give to you is to be as thorough as possible. There are no limitations to you as a homeschooler when it comes to college. Some schools may tell you that you have to take the GED, that is not true for all. Some may say you need to go to a community (2 year) college in order to go to a prestigeous college.Schools around the country are beginning to take notice of the homeschooling community. As a former homeschooler myself, I am very excited to see this. My recommendation would be to go about you college search based on the the criteria that you set up as being important: size, cost, location, majors offered, homeschooling friendly (a good thing to check but not necessarily indicative of the school in general), public or private, etc. After these criteria, begin to visit those schools that interest you. They will give you their criteria for applying and for acceptance for admission. Most schools are beginning to put homeschool friendly admissions criteria in place. If you have any further questions I would love to take a stab at answering them. Please email me by clicking on my screen name above this post. Sincerely, Micah Crews

Re: college

Written by AuntieEllie on Fri Feb 26 17:50:28 1999 GMT

Hello, Lisa.

Better late than never! There are many options for college-bound people. Many people in California attend the junior college and transfer their credits to a 4-year college (transfer students are guaranteed admission to the U.C. system), which is what my daughters did. To enter directly into a 4-year college, a person would probably need (and it would be good to find out from the particular college) a very high SAT score, plus all those social things colleges are so fond of — community activities, sports, church activities, anything which shows leadership. David and Micki Colfax’s sons used their 4-H record books as part of their portfolios when applying to Harvard (Homeschooling for Excellence).


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