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The 16 Year Old Homeschooling Experience

Welcome to the homeschooling world. As a rookie homeschooler, you’re probably wondering what to expect while you homeschool your sixteen year old. Well, one thing that many veteran homeschoolers enjoy is the flexibility and freedom. They schedule class when they want and teach where they want. You don’t have restrictions like traditional schools.  

You’re also probably visiting this site because you have many questions. All homeschoolers do, so don’t worry. The main questions most new homeschoolers ask, especially those teaching sixteen year olds are:

What are the common characteristics of sixteen year olds?

What is it like homeschooling a sixteen year old?   

What are other children learning at this age?

What are some online homeschool curriculum ideas?

Before we move further, please keep in mind that every 16 year old has their own personality, learns at their own pace and attains milestones at an individual rate. The following information is a general guideline, which will answer some of your questions. But remember, each child develops differently.  

General 16 Year Old Milestones

Some earth-shattering decisions are made when your child turns sixteen years old. At least in your child’s mind. You already made these decisions so they may not feel as burdensome but they do to your sixteen year old, so keep that in mind. Decisions such as getting a driver’s license, homecoming dances, staying friends with those who have made different choices, going to college, and more.

And guess what compounds the situation? Your sixteen year old thinks you don’t understand. After all, this is the age when they know more than most anyone because they’re getting older now. As a parent, your child may think you’re out of touch with their generation. This is natural. All you can do is help them through these times and point them in the right direction.   

Other traits that sixteen year olds share include:

  • Having a smaller group of friends
  • Not completely comprehending the penalties of their actions
  • thinking reasonably but acting unreasonable
  • criticizing their parents more openly
  • pursuing independence, especially when they start driving
  • trouble getting up in the morning

 16 Year Olds and Homeschooling

Motivating your sixteen year old may become an issue. Now is the time to instill (even more than before) the importance of working independently and the value of putting forth a great effort. Make the time to sit with them and discuss their studies and what goals they have for the future. It’s important to stay on the same page as your child, because they may have different thoughts for their future than you do.

If college plans are in the future, preparing for the  ACT or SAT becomes critical. Investigate whether your child can participate in test prep courses offered by the county or local school system. If your child is not eligible, locate private test prep options or sign up for online SAT prep courses. Remember, have your child take the courses a few times.

And don’t forget about visiting colleges. The trips are fun, inspiring, and something you can enjoy together. Look at the campuses online first and find out what majors they offer and what coursework they expect your high schooler to complete. This is a good way to measure if your child’s current workload is up to par. You can then coordinate your coursework so it matches what the colleges expect from their incoming students.

What Other 16 Year Olds are Learning

Homeschooling parents love the flexibility they’re given by choosing this schooling option. They create their own schedule, pick out courses, and allow their children the opportunity to grow beyond the traditional school’s walls. But they wonder what other sixteen year olds are learning in the classroom. Here are some normal things they learn in the classroom:

  • complex algebraic concepts
  • digital media for classroom demonstrations
  • technology to generate and publish their personal writing
  • evaluating poems, stories, or plays from different perspectives
  • chemistry and/or physics
  • U.S. History
  • foreign language electives

Online Curriculum for 16 Year Olds      

By now, your sixteen year old is probably a near-expert at using a computer. From Googling information, playing video games (on their computer, phone or tablet), and frequenting social media sites, electronic gadgets are never far out of reach. In the last decade, web-based curriculum products have joined the parade.   

But some of these products actually serve an important purpose — they provide valuable and dynamic curriculum programs from Pre-K-12. As far as sixteen year olds go, this type of curriculum usually hits the bullseye. It presents itself as a video game, interacting and challenging your children on multiple subjects. Your sixteen year old can learn at their own pace, study independently, select different grade levels according to their strengths and weaknesses, and study wherever the internet is available.

You benefit because some online curriculum products grade your children’s work for you, offer automated record keeping, detailed progress reports, and portfolio reporting that can be used as student transcripts. This translates into less administration work for you!

Homeschooling a sixteen year old is challenging. But with the right amount of patience, helpful information (which you’re gathering now), and a mix of curriculum products, you should experience a successful and memorable year.