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The Fourteen Year Old Homeschooling Experience

Veteran homeschoolers and new homeschoolers both feel enthusiastic and a bit nervous as they approach the new school year. You understand that your child’s education is on the line and you’re not only responsible, you’re the teacher, principal and school administrator. That’s a heavy responsibility.

And now that you reached this page, you’re probably searching out information on homeschooling a fourteen year old. Not only that but you’re also probably wondering what fourteen year olds are learning about and how online homeschool curriculum differs from other choices.

First off, there’s no single source that can tell you what this year will bring. There are too many factors and each fourteen year old learns at a different pace, possesses their own personality, and excels at different subjects. This information only provides a general look at what you might experience as you help your fourteen year old reach their milestones and develop as a young person.

General 14 Year Olds Milestones

Once teenagers reach their middle teens, you may notice that they’re moodier and more inclined to hang out in their bedrooms with their best friend – their smartphone or other such device! They also become more self-centered and adopt what some parents call a “fresh mouth.” But it’s not all bad. Fourteen year olds also take part in more adventurous activities and start realizing the value of a dollar.

Here are some more characteristics fourteen year olds share

  • curious about doing new things
  • the slow ending of puberty
  • anxiously trying to fit in with their friends
  • loneliness or isolation if they don’t have many friends
  • increased reasoning skills
  • a bigger appetite and a focus on certain types of foods
  • sporadic hostility and grouchy moods

 14 Year Olds and Homeschooling

This is the time to harness your fourteen year olds new sense of adventure and willing to try new things and apply it to homeschooling. Children in traditional schools are picking different electives and finding new paths that they can experience during school such as band, drama clubs, and more. You can do the same but at a much more expansive level. Remember, you have much more flexibility than traditional schools so let your imagination and your child’s imagination run wild. Discuss what interests them. Perhaps they love music or gymnastics, automotive or baking, or maybe bodybuilding or computers. Support them with their endeavors and you’ll find that your fourteen year old will appreciate it.  

This is also a good time for training them in life skills. Teach them about money and budgeting. Show them how credit cards work and the dangers of abusing credit. Have them fill out applications for a job and give them the opportunity to earn their own money.

If they seem reticent, it may mean they’re afraid but doesn’t mean they won’t try. Make the effort and allow your fourteen year old to blossom and expand their knowledge. Many times, when you present a challenge they will take it on with focus and desire.  

What 14 Year Olds are Learning

Homeschooling parents become curious about what other 14 year old children are learning in traditional classrooms. It’s only natural. They also wonder if the curriculum they’ve chosen matches up or exceeds the classroom learning. Here are some learning stages that other fourteen year olds have reached:

  • algebra
  • biology/life science
  • recapping literary and informational texts
  • how to reference online or print media when writing
  • analytical research papers and projects
  • speech training and delivery
  • global studies

 Online Curriculum for 14 Year Olds

Just like the previous few years, fourteen year olds enjoy computers and other devices. And some online curriculum programs resemble the video games and other applications they use on their computers and phones. The lessons also interact with the student and challenge them in exciting ways. School becomes fun!

You’ll appreciate web-based curriculum because some choices make your job easier. They track your child’s progress and help you monitor your 14 year olds learning pace and the material they’re studying. Many parents also choose online curriculum programs for skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Homeschooling a fourteen year old brings whole new challenges. But patience, perseverance, and the right curriculum will help them succeed — even when it seems like they don’t care. Experiment and find out what works for you and create a gratifying and successful year.