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Homeschooling Controversy

Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act of 2005

“While the intent of the bill may be honorable, the effect of the bill is potentially disastrous for homeschooling parents who want to remain free from government regulation. This is because the federal government has no constitutional authority to directly regulate the education of homeschooled students, whether that regulation is for the benefit of the students or not.”

I’m not sure who wrote the above quote, but I sure agree with it!

HR 2732 – Home School Non-Discrimination Act of 2003

Bill Number Search
Enter HR 2732 in “Bill Number” search field.

The Camel’s Nose Enters the Homeschooling Tent
One sound argument for deregulation, that homeschoolers ask for no special privileges and no tax dollars and thus should be left alone, is lost if this amendment passes. Ann Lahrson-Fisher.

Eligibility of Home-Schooled Students Institutional and Student Eligibility
Also known as the “Dear Colleague” Letter. How come HSLDA is asking for changes in the Higher Education Act if they already say the problem has been resolved?

Federal homeschool legislation???
Once the federal government assumes the authority to regulate, even though purportedly beneficially, the federal government may continue to regulate in ways that may not be beneficial. Little Bit Farm.

HSLDA Supports HR 2732
Homeschoolers do not want federal handouts, just equal treatment. HONDA will bring federal law up-to-date with changes in the state education systems, particularly regarding the homeschooling movement.

Petition: Protect your educational rights! Say no to HR 2732!
Sign this petition and let our government know that we will not accept bill HR 2732.

Saving For College – Coverdell ESA
There are no restrictions about the current education status of a child for setting up one of these college saving accounts. Any family below a specified income level may set one up. So there is no need to concern yourselves. You can set one up without HR 2732 passing.

We Stand For Homeschooling

We Stand For Homeschooling
Original Document: The very nature, language and essence of homeschooling are being challenged and even co-opted by a vast array of emerging educational programs which may be based in the home, but are funded by government tax dollars, bringing inevitable government controls.

Why I Will Not Sign the “We Stand for Homeschooling Statement and Resolution”
My first objection is that, to be perfectly truthful, I’ve never been a homeschooling parent myself, and my children have never been homeschoolers. You see, I live in California. According to the California Education Code, there are no such people as homeschoolers. Mary Griffith, Unschooler and Author.

Is Charter Schooling Really Homeschooling?
I think it’s curious that when those of us (independent homeschoolers) who try to gently voice our growing uneasiness over the charter school epidemic within the homeschool community, we are immediately labeled anti-charter, no matter how valid our concern. By Annette M. Hall.

Compulsory Education

Colonial Education
See a real Hornbook and New England Primer. See a view of the Dame School. Link into even more information about early schools, educational material, and laws.


Being a Kid is Not a Crime
Thoughts on curfews and links to web sites with curfew law information.

Forced Homeschooling by the Reconstructionist Movement

Exodus 2000 Project
This is a project undertaken to remove children from the public education system which has failed, and is believed to be getting worse, and put them into private Christian schools and Home Schools.

“Let My Children Go”: A Christian Exodus from Government Schools?
E. Ray Moore founded and developed the Exodus Mandate Project (formerly known as Exodus 2000) under the auspices of his Frontline Ministries based in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

Reading, Writing & Reconstructionism
The Christian Right and the Politics of Public Education. Note the paragraph about Chris Klicka, one of the HSLDA principles. By Maureen W. McClure, Associate Professor, Administrative and Policy Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, US.

Reconstruction Theology and Home Education
Mary McCarthy explains how the Christian Reconstructionist movement is using and abusing the homeschool movement to further their ends.

National Politics

Battling for the heart and soul of home-schoolers
Conservative fundamentalists have set the agenda for kids taught at home — now they’re aiming to influence public education. By Helen Cordes, Salon, October 2, 2000.

Democratic Party on Education
Democrats know that the key to expanding opportunity is to provide every child with a world-class education. We want to meet our responsibilities to America’s children by ensuring that our schools have the resources they need to help our kids meet high standards.

Organize This!
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: As the Microsoft case shows, too much success can invite retaliation from the DC forces of destruction. So it was probably inevitable that the Clinton administration would target homeschoolers and put them in their place. (See NEWS for news coverage.)

Other Controversial Issues

Home schoolers ask government to stay out
Home schoolers urged a legislative committee to leave parents alone to teach their children at home, as “a viable and flourishing” alternative to public education.

The Legality of Private-School Homeschooling in California
Stephan Greenberg, a California lawyer and homeschooling dad, wrote this essay about the right to homeschool from a Constitutional point of view.

Should home-schooled children be welcomed in public-school sports?
The shift came after the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association took an unprecedented step in December, when it voted to establish a set of minimum eligibility requirements for home-schooled students to participate in public or private school extracurricular sports.

Vouchers and Educational Freedom: A Debate
Joseph L. Bast and David Harmer versus Douglas Dewey: Would vouchers lead to more freedom or trap private schools in more governmental red tape?


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