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A Dark Side To Home Schooling?

CBS Evening News dredged up an old murder suicide story in order to once again sell fear disguised as a news story tonight. A Dark Side to Homeschooling was aired tonight, October 13, 2003, apparently for the sole purpose to serve some political agenda to try to require social worker visits to homeschooling families. A second part aired on the 6 o’clock CBS evening news on Tuesday night.

This is much more of a case of social workers NOT doing their jobs! This family was well known to both Arizona and North Carolina social workers! These people were already being investigated for child abuse… a SECOND time, after already having been convicted in Arizona.

This was NOT a family hidden from the normal safeguards we have in society! This is a case of the safeguards failing them. The story said something about only 3 investigative social workers in the state!

I was doing a little research on the net today. Seems like the odds are very good when a child is murdered that a parent, close relative or acquaintance will have done it. Stranger murders are really very rare in general, and rarer still for child murders.

Here are some alarming statistics about children being murdered in this country. 35% of murdered children are killed by their parents or other family member.

A reporter could take ANY segment of the population and draw a conclusion that families are very dangerous to your life! Something like 10% of all child murders are done by a parent and 25% by other family members.

No matter WHAT anyone does, it seems, nothing changes this horrible statistic. Fear sells. And this show is all about fear mongering. Anyone else see Bowling for Columbine? The conclusion of this documentary was that the only thing that could be the cause of the high murder rate in the USA was that our news shows promote fear. [Media Awareness: Canada] Canadians have a lot of firearms, same movies, teens play same video games, yet they have issue-oriented news shows. Perhaps it is time to tell the news producers that we’ve had enough of all this faked fear mongering!

The amazing thing is that not more homeschool families murder their families! When they do, it is so unusual that it makes the evening news, even tonight, 2 years again after the fact. Oh, and now it turns out that the family was not properly signed up for homeschooling. They were disobeying all sorts of laws!

The murder in North Carolina increased by 10% in 2014, says a report of the North Carolina Department of Justice. Most of these victims knew their killer. 76 of them were murdered by a close relative, down from 88 the past year. One can only conclude that the state of North Carolina probably already has some pretty good safeguards in place. Only 32% killed by close relatives? That’s better than the national average! Two of the 517 were homeschooled kids (well, not legal homeschoolers!)… 0.3%. Homeschoolers tend to be 1.7% of school-aged population. The rate of murders in homeschool families is therefore much lower than might be statistically expected!

I’m not going to excuse what happen in this family, or in any family where there is such terrible abuse. No family can forsee when what seems to be just “trouble” might erupt into murder and suicide. Hindsight is 100%. Others, neighbors church members, all saw this family on a regular basis, but did nothing because they probably saw no need. This seems to be rather a pattern in all such stories I read in the paper.

Any reporter will tell you that it isn’t news when a dog bites a man. It is a story is when a man bites a dog! Only the unusual makes the news. It is so odd for killing to happen in a homeschool family that it is headline news when it does. Remember a few months ago when a church member opened fire in a church? Doesn’t usually happen, right? Yet no one is investigating churches for how they treat their members based on an isolated incident.

If this page is accurate, it is very interesting!

Number of kids murdered at or around school in the last three years: 47.
Number of kids murdered at home: 3,000.

Odds that a school-aged youth will be murdered by parents at home versus being murdered by a peer at school: 15 to 1.

Odds that a parent will murder their teenage child vs the other way around: 6 to 1.

Number of youths murdered in school shootings since May 1, 1999: 7.
Number of kids killed in mass shootings by middle-aged adults: at least 22.

Number of students murdered at school in the last three years in the “school shootings” featured in headlines and repeated news stories and cited by President Clinton: 25.
Number who were white: 23.
Number of students murdered at school in the same period who received virtually no media or political attention: 32.
Number who were not white: 29.
Mathematical odds that this could be a coincidence: less than 1 in 100,000.

Cold, dry statistics. Still an awful lot of dead kids!

Hard Facts

Bureau of Justice Statistics Homicide trends in the U.S.
The U.S. homicide rate declined by nearly half (49%), from 9.3 homicides per 100,000 U.S. residents in 1992 to 4.7 in 2011, falling to the lowest level since 1963. From 2002 to 2011, the average homicide rate for males was 3.6 times higher than the rate for females. The average homicide rate for blacks was 6.3 times higher than the rate for whites.

Light Side of the Dark Side

Homeschool Spin: A Look at the Dark Side
These children are being forced to read and learn. Their home is cluttered with books and so-called educational objects. Okay, that’s fine, but where are the video games that children need to develop good fine motor and social skills? The images here will scare you.


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