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Testing Services for Homeschoolers

If you must test, where do you get tests?

A wide variety of testing services are available throughout the USA and Canada.

Testing Homeschoolers

Achievement Tests
Alternative Assessment
Canadian Testing Services
Readiness Tests
Test Interpretation
Test Services 
Unofficial Testing
More Testing Resources

Achievement Tests

ATC Educational Services
Specializing in the use of the Woodcock Johnson III Individualized Achievement Tests for Preschool ­ 12th grade. Based on this Nationally Standardized Test you will receive a complete computerized-score report along with curriculum recommendations.

Bayside School Services
As home schooling parents for 12 years, and test providers for 11, we know how important fair prices, easy ordering, accurate order processing, and prompt mailing of results can be.

Brewer Testing Services
We specialize in the Iowa Tests, the Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) and the Kaufman tests for grades K-12, all nationally standardized. We use only the latest norms and the latest available editions of these tests.

Bob Jones University Press
Testing services for Christian homeschoolers.

Colorado Homeschooling Services
Evaluation and national standardized testing services. Homeschool consulting also offered. Located in Colorado Springs.

Family Learning Organization
Through our Educational Assessment & Testing Service, tests may be obtained by parents to administer to their homeschooled children.

Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS) for Grades 3 through 8. The PASS Test was developed specifically for home schoolers. It has certain similarities to other achievement tests in that it estimates student achievement in the subjects of reading, language, and math. The states of Alaska, New York, and North Carolina have officially approved the PASS Test for purposes of state reporting.

Homeschool Boss 
Offers NWEA MAP Growth assessments online to homeschoolers in the US.

John Hopkins University
Psycho-educational testing, educational counseling, ability and achievement testing, and academic and career guidance.

Piedmont Education Services
A North Carolina based homeschool company that provides nationally standardized achievement testing as well as homeschool resources and information. Offers ITBS and WJ-III.

Seton Standardized Tests
Available for Homeschoolers. CAT-E Survey Tests.

Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS)
A state Rep offers downloadable versions of tests used for 3rd through 10th grade students. Files include the answer key. Texas homeschoolers are not required to be tested.


Alternative Assessment

The Learning Record
It supports an integrated curriculum, K-12, which engages students in authentic and critical inquiry, regardless of subject matter boundaries. It helps teachers, parents and students themselves evaluate student performance on non-standardized tasks in favorable contexts.

Creating portfolios for personal use or for getting into college.

Work Sampling System
For those looking into alternative ways of evaluation for children 5th grade and younger. From Pearson Early Learning.

Canadian Testing Services

CTC/Canadian Test Centre
Offers home educators an opportunity to assess their students with the nationally recognized Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT) and the Canadian Test of Cognitive Skills (CTCS). They’ll correct the tests for you.

Readiness Tests

Phelps Kindergarten Readiness Test
PKRS is administered before or early in the kindergarten year.

SAT & College Tests
My index of tests taken to qualify for college admissions.

Test Interpretation

A Note from Dr. Richard McCallum and Definition of Terms
Nationally norming a test means giving a particular test to a large pool of test-takers across the nation. Because it is given across a nationally representative sample of test-takers, scores can be compared to a national norm. Unfortunately, national norming by itself says nothing about the accuracy or validity of a test. A test can be nationally normed and still be a terrible test. Therefore, it is important to note the test’s validity first and foremost. National norming then becomes relevant if a percentage comparison is needed against the national norm. National norming is necessary for accountability tests that rank individual programs according to a national average.

Glossary of Education Reform
A standardized test is any form of test that (1) requires all test takers to answer the same questions, or a selection of questions from common bank of questions, in the same way, and that (2) is scored in a “standard” or consistent manner, which makes it possible to compare the relative performance of individual students or groups of students.

Glossary of Testing, Measurement, and Statistical Terms
Vocabulary used by testing professionals and publishers. For example, if you think “Floor” and “Foil” are two things you might find in your kitchen, this document will set you straight.

Some Things Parents Should Know About Testing
A Series of Questions and Answers: Why do the schools test our children? :Why do teachers need to use published tests?: What do you mean by norm-referenced?

Test Scores: A Guide to Understanding and Using Test Results
When a student takes either an individually or group-administered standardized test at school, the results are made available to both parents and teachers. It is important that parents and teachers understand the meaning of scores that come from standardized tests. This handout provides a description of common terms used to describe test performance.

Understanding Test Scores
A 4-page document to help you understand your child’s academic test scores.

Testing Services Locators

Unofficial Testing – Evaluations for those not needing nationally standardized tests.

Easy Test Maker
A free online test generator to help you create your own tests in multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test.

NAEP Questions
If you just want to see if your child is on par, try these tests. Go down to Quick Search and select a subject (U.S. History for example) and then select a grade and Search. Select “Add all questions,” then select “To print folder.” Under Print Options check all the boxes except “Content Classification,” then select “Assemble Document.” Once it finishes downloading, print the results. Give your child the test pages. You keep the answers. Look over the questions then look at the statistics for each one.

Texas Assessment Program Released Tests
Tests for reading, mat, and writing, grades 3 through 8, exit level, and algebra I, biology, English II, and US history. Tests from previous years. Use for practice or assessment.


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