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Organizing Field Trips

Ideas for Homeschool Families and Support Groups

Creative ideas for a fresh take on family day trips. Amazon Kindle books to help families and those organizing group field trips for educational purposes have a better time, and avoid the pitfalls.


Let’s Go!: Field Trips for Teachers, Homeschoolers and Active Families 
by Traci Matt

If you are looking for a fresh perspective on educational field trips, look no further. This compilation of creative activities offers pre- and post-trip suggestions, key learning points, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Field trip ideas are categorized by subject and include history, visual arts, social studies, physical education, performing arts, and even math and science. Ideas are easily adaptable for homeschoolers, formal school groups, or family outings.

Author and retired homeschool mom Traci Matt shares her best experiences from more than 20 years of field trip fun with students of all ages. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

52 Fabulous Field Trips: One For Each Week of the YearOrganizing Field Trips for Homeschool Groups
by Jill Hart

The flexibility homeschooling offers makes it possible for families to get out and explore the world by providing opportunities for experiential “hands on” learning. The rise of homeschool co-ops and support groups has created an opportunity for families to join together and benefit from large group discounts and social connections. Getting one or two families together for an outing is easy, but managing a larger group takes planning, organization and effective communication.

Organizing Homeschool Field Trips for Groups is a great resource for planning outings involving 5 or more families. It will explain how to plan and host a great group field trip that will leave participants wanting more and in some cases, excited to help you organize and plan! From generating ideas to promotion to feedback everything is explained in detail with sample planning sheets and forms.

Fabulous-Field-Trips52 Fabulous Field Trips: One For Each Week of the Year
The Christian Homeschool Collection
by Janice Thompson

Join author and homeschool mom Janice Hanna Thompson as she leads you on 52 exciting field trips. Each trip is loaded with tips for every academic subject.

Why field trips? They provide an excellent way to teach! They offer students a break from the “hum-drumness” of the daily grind and offer teachers a new and refreshing way to approach “ordinary” places in an “extraordinary” way.

It’s all about creativity! Getting “out of the box” is the goal. Once you’ve done that, nearly ANY place can become a field trip possibility. You’ll be surprised at how many academic subjects can be covered on a simple outing to the park or the airport. You’ll be stunned at students’ writings when you provide them with a new point of view.

This book is intended to be a spring-board, offering basic ideas for places to go and things to do. Use your creativity skills to take these exercises a step further, if you like. Shape them to suit your own personal needs or the needs of your students.


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