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Homeschooling Wisely

Is it possible to homeschool wisely and lead The Good Life?

Can family members still be productive and be happy? Can the young folks learn a lot, producing creative projects, while parents still earn a decent living? What if your ideals for your family collide with one another?

Hold three family gatherings, include other people in your life who contribute to your homeschool life.

First, each person privately makes a list on how they want to spend their time during the homeschool day. What matters the most? Might be getting through the curriculum, spending time with siblings or friends, playing online games, volunteering or working outside the home, reading quietly, etc.

Then make a second list on how they actually spend their time over a typical week. Match the two lists. Check those elements that closely match.

How well does your list of things you do match the list of things you feel you want to do?

Most are stunned that they aren’t spending much time doing things they want to do or feel are important. Some items may be commitments. Dad, for example, may feel he has to go to work to pay for family needs. Then again, the family may be surprised that Dad would like to quit his job, and Mom would like to go to work each day.

Second, can you tell if you are trying to be too general, too normal, too…yes, boring? If you didn’t have to try so hard to be a “normal” family, what would you do? How would you change what you do in your spare time?

Third. What if you spent more hours doing what you love to do in your spare time, so that the chores and boring, everyday stuff would be the things that only took up an hour or two of your waking hours? Would this lead to an extraordinary life rather than an ordinary life? What if you and the kids focused deeply on the activities that you love and entice you?

Fourth. Each family member makes a list of their core values. This might include words and phrases like, trustworthy, dignity, love, being famous, family life, doing excellent work, becoming wealthy or at least being thrifty, making wise decisions, being loyal to friends and family, being helpful, making and keeping friends, being polite and courteous, kindness to animals, obedience and reverence to a higher power, have healthy habits, being cheerful, brave, clean and neat.

Circle the top five. Number them 1 to 5. Share these with the family and make one list, with each number next to the words. Are any close to saying the same thing? Meld those. There are no right or wrong answers. This just helps each family member understand what is important to each. Where there is common ground, then these goals need to be incorporated every day possible.

Talk about how these values can be incorporated into your daily life, and make you a happier family, composed of happier individuals.

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